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YouTube Has Reportedly Paid Podcasters To Film Their Shows

A Bloomberg report has revealed that YouTube has started paying for shows hosted by Podcaster. Yes, YouTube has reportedly paid podcasters to run their programs in two categories. The highest amount of money is also known in two categories.

YouTube is offering a maximum of $50,000 for personal shows and a maximum of $300,000 for podcast networks. To be sure, YouTube’s decision has been very good for podcasters.  Also, Kai Chuk was hired to lead the podcasting effort at the same time. So YouTube has reportedly paid for podcasters, I applaud YouTube’s decision.

YouTube always comes up with small updates that emphasize the joy of the audience. Following this, YouTube released some more updates on November 3, which for the first time allowed Canadian users to listen to audio without opening the YouTube app.

This feature was previously available, but you need to use the premium version of YouTube to get it. However, users from Canada as well as other countries are expected to get this benefit soon.

The reason for this is that every user is very annoyed at not being able to listen to the audio of YouTube by turning off the screen of the phone while they are busy with various tasks. So everyone wants to get rid of this annoying limitation of YouTube.

YouTube has reportedly paid podcasters

Moreover, if we look at the Spotify app service, we can see that it already supports video podcasts, which have become very popular. As a result, Spotify has created an exclusive audience that wants more than just audio.

Although YouTube is a video-only platform, it also hosts several popular podcasts, such as the Google-owned H3 podcast, Full Send Podcast. Moreover, there are many other things that are hosted by YouTube.

The YouTube platform is one of the biggest contributors to the popularity of video content. Even a few years ago, people could not have imagined that video content could become so popular. That’s why videos are now being included in almost all types of content.

However, I would like to say the same thing again that YouTube paid for podcasters, this is a timed update of YouTube.

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