Why iPhone Won’t Charge When Plugged Into The Computer?

Why iPhone Won’t Charge When Plugged Into The Computer

iPhone users are seen asking a common problem, Why iPhone won’t charge when plugged into the computer? Normally the iPhone can be charged via cable from the PC. But many times charge may not be due to some errors, such as USB cable, juice, the USB port, and so on.

Nowadays everyone uses computers as well as phones. For this reason, everyone charges the phone using a computer or laptop, but in this case, the phone is charged very slowly. Sometimes it happens that the phone is not charged with the laptop or computer.

Many iPhone users complain that they cannot charge them with the computer. If this is the case with your iPhone, and if you want to get a clear idea about it. So stay with me, I will explain here all the issues of charging the iPhone with the computer.

Why iPhone Won’t Charge When Plugged Into The Computer?

Usually, everyone uses the original iPhone charger to charge the iPhone, the authorities have suggested. You can also charge your iPhone using other methods as per your requirement.

The best two other ways are a power bank and a laptop. These two ways are used by almost everyone to charge an iPhone. I have also seen many people charging their iPhones using  Windows PCs.

So it is understandable that a PC or laptop can be used to charge an iPhone. But it may be that your phone is charging much slower or was charging before but not now. If you have such problems then don’t worry. I will explain everything about why iPhone Won’t Charge When Plugged Into The Computer.

Use Highest Power USB Port

Why iPhone Won’t Charge When Plugged Into Computers

Use the highest powerful USB port when charging your iPhone from a PC. This is because charging an iPhone usually requires a powerful charger. So if you don’t have a USB with the minimum power transfer capability, the phone may not charge.

Normally computers have USB 2.0 and USB 3.00 ports, so use your keyboard and mouse on USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 to charge the iPhone. Then hopefully you will get the minimum juice to charge your phone.

Use Bug-Free Accessories

Yes of course good quality accessories should be used for iPhone charging. Otherwise, it will not charge perfectly and will also have a bad effect on the battery. So when you charge with a charger, you must use a bug-free adapter and cable. Also when you charge from a PC, use a bug-free USB cable and USB port.

Take Your iphone And Charger To A Cool Place

Many iPhone users have complained that their phones are no longer charged after 70%-80% charge. This happens when the phone or charger is hot because when it gets too hot, it turns on the temperature limit from the phone system.  But no worries, leave your iPhone and charger in a cool place for a while, then charge again.

Replace Bad Or Damaged U2 Chip

If you used to be able to charge your iPhone from your PC, but now you can’t.This may be due to a damaged U2 chip. Because these bugs cause your iPhone to fail to charge your iPhone using a third-party charger or USB lead.

However, many studies have shown that this issue has increased in those who charge the iPhone with a cigarette lighter in the car. That’s why experts are advising to avoid this bad habit.

Uninstall And Reinstall iPhone

In this case, first, you need to connect your iPhone and PC, then expand the portable Device option from Device Manager. Now you have to select  Uninstall Device from here, then disconnect the device and reconnect. Now I hope your phone is unlocked and will start charging.

How Do I Allow My Computer To Charge My iPhone?

The iPhone has the feature of charging from the computer by default. Same as the case of the computer and the Laptop has a default feature for charging the iPhone. So, there is no need to set up a separate environment to charge the iPhone from a PC or Laptop. Only by connecting the phone to the PC with a good quality USB cable will the charge increase.

How To Clean The iPhone Charging Port?

It’s important to take care of the different ports of each phone, especially the charging port. This is because the charging port is large and there is a lot of sand accumulated and stuck inside. So sometimes you can think of cleaning the charging port of your iPhone.

There are many types of alcohol blends available on the market to clean it, which you can also use to clean other parts. Mix this liquid with a small brush or cotton bar and gently clean the port. Don’t break any pins inside.

If there is dirt on the charging port, it prevents the phone from getting a perfect charge, often stopping the charge from increasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won't My USB Port Charge My Phone?

Laptop and computer USB ports are supported for charging phones. But if you need a very high voltage charger to charge your phone, the inferior USB ports may fail to provide charging. Moreover, if there is a defect in the USB port of your PC or it is too old, it can be a problem.

How do I turn on my iPhone if it won't turn on or charge?

If this is the case then your iPhone has run out of charge, is not running now, and is not charging, then you need to try another way to charge. This is mostly due to a faulty charger, so the phone turns on when you use other methods.

Why Does My iPhone Not Allow External Connections?

Both iPhones and PCs have charging features by default. So you don’t have to do anything different to charge your iPhone from a PC, just connect it with a USB cable. So if it happens that your phone is not charging from the PC or does not allow the external connection, then it must be due to some mechanical error.

How Do I Enable USB Charging On My Iphone?

By default, the iPhone is allowed to charge from the PC via USB, but your phone must have a USB accessory turned on. So first make sure that your iPhone is in USB accessory mode.

To check this, go to the phone settings app, then find Touch ID & Passcode and tab on. Complete the access with the necessary information there. Now you can see the USB Accessories option, toggle it on. With this feature, you can take advantage of all the benefits of USB.

Final Words

We all know that a smartphone is made with many features and functionality, all of which are for our service. The full power of the smartphone comes from the battery, so the battery should be taken care of along with other aspects of the phone.

The main thing to take care of the battery of the phone is to use a good quality charger. A phone can only deliver its maximum performance when its battery support is very good. However, you can occasionally charge the battery in other ways according to your needs, without any adverse effects.

Above I discussed why the iPhone Won’t Charge When Plugged Into The Computer? Almost all iPhone users occasionally charge their phones with their computer or laptop without a charger. So I think all iPhone users should have a clear idea about this.



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