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Google Banned Call-Recording Apps From Play Store

There are rumors that some rules will be updated in the Google Play Store. Yes, Google has decided to remove an entire section from the Playstore. It means that Google Banned call-recording apps because many apps are using the Call Recording API accessibility without any direct purpose, which has caused a lot of controversies.

A Reddit post on April 21 states that plans are being made to update the policy involved with the API. Once this policy is implemented, developers will not be able to use anything that comes with the Accessibility API call record when submitting an app to the Play Store.  Because after that call recording will not be supported.

Moreover, remote call audio recordings will not be permitted under Google’s new rules until the Accessibility API is designed. Google‘s decision has been welcomed by many, with many criticizing it. But it seems to me that  Google has made a good decision.

However, Google is confirming certain other things, such as that this policy will not affect first-party apps, which will also be shipped from Pixel phones to Android and other Company phones.

Google Banned Call-Recording Apps

The system has been providing several advanced permissions since its application, so audio calls capture will no longer require piggybacking on the API as before. Since Android is an excellent operating system and open-source, developers need to use third-party apps, so there is nothing to worry about as it is still allowed.

The post also states that if the recording app comes with your phone or will be able to access call audio created by Google, but not with a third-party app. However, I think it may take some more time for us to fully clear the Google Banned call-recording apps policy update with Google’s Play Store, which is new, so it is normal for Stable to make some changes.

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