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Volume Automatically Goes Down Android – How To Fix It!

The problem is that volume automatically goes down Android is now being heard from many Android users. If this happens to you, then you need to know the exact reason behind it before solving it. This is because faults in both hardware and software can cause automatic volume loss problems.

If there is a problem with the hardware, you need to understand the exact reason, because there are several reasons for this. Similarly, there can be many reasons for software. But, if the problem is caused by a bug in the software or operating system, then there is nothing complicated to solve.

Any Android user can face such problems, so, there is nothing to be afraid of about this issue, you can easily solve it with the right steps. Here, I will explain to you all about the solution to this problem.

Volume Automatically Goes Down Android - Fixations

There are several reasons why the volume automatically decreases. If a hardware-related problem causes the volume to drop automatically, direct phone service center assistance may be required. But, minor problems can be solved on their own.

If this happens for any reason other than hardware, or operating system, then understanding the reason will easily solve it. However, let’s take a look at the reasons and solutions for automatically reducing the volume of your Android phone.

Volume Automatically Goes Down

● Temporary System Error
By temporary system error, I mean that many kinds of virtual bugs are often created in the phone system. These bugs can come to you as various problems. Your phone may also have a virtual bug, restart the phone, and hopefully, it will be fixed.

● Problematic Apps

It could be that you have installed a new application on your phone and since then your phone volume has dropped automatically. You need to check if the volume is automatically reduced due to an error in this application.

To test this you can turn on your phone in Safe Mode, as this mode allows you to use your phone without loading third-party apps. As a result, you can clearly see if the recently installed application is affecting the volume.

● System Bugs
The Android operating system is constantly updated. Sometimes these updates contain many bugs which are later resolved by getting customer reviews. The biggest problem is that when the version of the operating system of changes, many bugs of the new version are slowly understood and it takes a long time to fix them.

So it may be that the volume of your phone is automatically dropped due to an Android system update. In this case, you have to wait a while, or you can use the previous version until the new version fixes the bug.

● Volume button pressed accidentally
It may be that your phone’s volume button is pressed unknowingly. Many times this is due to an error in the cover of the phone, again an object gets stuck in the volume button of the cover.

However, there may be a mechanical error in the port of the volume button, in which case it would be better to open and clean the phone, otherwise, the port needs to be changed.

● Recently Installed themes in Android
Many users have complained that the volume bottom is working the opposite way after installing a new theme on the phone. If you feel the same way, uninstall the theme and test using another theme. But it is best if you use the default theme of the phone.

How To Make The Volume Lower On Android?

Many Android users are confused about volume control. Because the volume of Android is very loud even in the lowest settings, users want to be clear about volume control. No worries, you can easily reduce the volume of your phone through the volume control.

First, you go to phone settings, and from there enter the sound option. There are several ways you can reduce the phone volume if your phone’s volume is too high. Below I will mention several ways that you can follow.

● Disable Absolute Volume
● Use Sound Assistant App
● Customize Lower Equalizer Settings
● Use precise volume app

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my Android from automatically turning the volume down?

If the volume of your Android phone is actively declining, then first you need to know what is causing the problem. Because in most cases this problem is caused by the phone system and software. Problems caused by software you can fix yourself, if caused by the hardware you need to go to the service center.

Why my Mi phone volume is automatically going down and up?

It’s a common issue for MI users that this volume button is automatically up or down. The biggest cause of this problem of MI phones has been found volume damage. When the phone falls out of hand, the volume drop becomes dull, and as a result, the volume starts to go up or down automatically.

Why my volume automatically goes down Samsung?

Many Samsung users have complained that the volume of the phone suddenly starts to up or down. In most cases, this problem is caused by the volume buttons getting stuck.

Moreover, system updates or software bugs on the phone can often cause such problems. Small bugs can be fixed quickly, but if there are large bugs, they can take a long time to fix.

Final Words

Android is one of the most popular and widely used operating systems. Due to constant updates, there are often a number of minor bugs that take days to resolve. Sometimes some bugs are very annoying and they take a long time to resolve.

Nowadays it has become a common problem as the volume automatically decreases on Android. There are many reasons why the volume of the phone automatically increased or decreased. In most cases, the phone’s volume buttons are lost as a result of falling out of hand.

Above I have explained the reasons for volume automatically goes down Android phones and at the same time suggest a solution. Hope you understand the above solutions and have been able to solve your phone problem.

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