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How To Access Android Root Files From PC? Boost Your Android

Do you want to access Android root files from PC? Using some permissions and the ADB shell you can easily access Android root files from a PC. Many people want to access the Android root files from their PC. But this easy method becomes complicated when you try to do so in real life. Most actually don’t know if it is possible or not.

So today we are going to show you the easiest method to view your root files from a PC. There are a couple of apps that can help to view the files. You can make changes if you want. But our preferred way is to use your native command prompt from your PC. You don’t need to install any third-party apps on your PC. So without making it complicated, let’s just start.

What are root files?

Before you know how to access Android root files from a PC, you need to know what these files are. In simple words, we can say root files are the core files that built the structure of your Android operating system. Rooting your Android phone unlocks the root files of your system. Once your phone is rooted, you can make changes in the system files as well. You can also change the structure and customize most parts of your software. 

Can I access Android root files from a PC?

So can you access Android root files from a PC? The answer is Yes. It’s not that tough, you know. For this, you need the Android SDK’s ADB. You have to download it. Using this ADB you can access Android root files with your Windows computer. But you have to enable USB debugging first. Without that, you won’t get permission to play with the root files.

How to access Android root files from a PC?

For accessing the root files from a PC, you need to connect your Android phone to it. Use your USB cable to connect it. Now enable USB debugging from your Android phone. You will find it in the developer option. If you can’t find the developer option in your settings, then you need to enable it.

Enabling the developer option:

Enabling the developer option is easy. Look for the built number of our device in settings>about phone. Rapidly click 5 to 6 times over the built number. Then you will see a short pop-up that says your developer option is enabled now. Now the option will appear in the system settings.

Inside the developer option, you will see USB debugging. Turn it on from here. Once the USB debugging is turned on, you can connect the phone to your PC through a USB cable. After that, it’s time to open the command prompt. Here are the commands you need to type in the command prompt.

1.adb devices    //view the devices connect to your PC
2.adb shell        //access your phone

All the root files of your Android phone will appear on your command prompt screen. This is the easiest way to view the Android root files. To view the root files, your Android phone should be rooted. You can’t view the root files of a phone which are not rooted. Here are some useful commands that might help you access the root file.

1.cd file    //open a certain file
2.ls           //list items in a directory
3.cd/       //back to parent directory

There are some limitations to accessing the root files from your PC. So we must include it. From here you can view and read the root files. But you don’t have the option to write the root files.

Can I access root files without rooting?

You can’t access or even view the root files on your phone without rooting it. But some experts suggest that it is possible to view the root files of an unrooted phone with a PC. Using the command prompt you can view the files in the same way we showed above. Now the problem is you can’t directly write the files here. You have to copy the files to your PC and then you can do whatever you want.

More to know about Android root files:

android root files

How can I edit the root files of an Android using a PC?

First, you have to open the root files using the above-shown method. Once you get the view of the root files, you have to copy the files into your PC. Then you can easily edit the Android root files. Otherwise, you may not get direct access to edit the Android root files.

How can I access root files without rooting Android?

Although you can view the system files using A PC, you cannot edit the files. Your Android phone is not going to show you the root files on the phone’s screen. You have to view it on a PC Using ADB shell. We have already shown the process. But for a rooted phone, you can use root file explorer apps to access the root files.

Can you edit Android system files?

Yes, you can edit the Android system files. For that, you must root your Android device. Without rooting you can’t get access to the files. Only rooting allows you to play with your Android system files. So you have to root your phone first, then You can use ES file explorer to edit the system files. There are some other file explorers that can help you to do so. Here are five apps you may prefer.

1.X-plore file manager
2.Root Explorer
3.Root explorer pro
4.File Explorer EX
5.File explorer root browser

Some of them are free and some are paid and some are completely free. Well, the paid tools come with some extra features. You can choose any one of them.


From now on you can easily access Android root files from PC. Messing with the Android root files isn’t something we recommend doing. We know rooting allows you to unleash the true power of your phone. You can do lots of customization and make your phone unique. But one wrong move can easily make your phone permanently dead.

So if you are not a developer or you don’t have proper knowledge about editing your Android system files, you should not do so. Your Android phone already gives you many options to customize. You can easily be satisfied with that. In some cases, installing a custom OS can help to get your preferred features. But if you are a developer, You may know better.

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