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Google Meet meetings can easily livestream on YouTube

During the pandemic of the past two years, workplace video calling services have grown significantly. There are many video calling platforms in the market, one of them is Google Meet. Google Meet has now introduced the feature of Livestream meetings on YouTube, through which it will provide more benefits to the users. It can open to the audience more easily than the old method.

Google Meet meetings can easily Livestream on YouTube feature will be available to most paid workplace accounts, such as Education Plus, Teaching & Learning Upgrades, and individual workplace customers, as well as members of the Google One Premium plan certain countries.

Google Meet meetings can easily livestream on YouTube

However, if you want to use the feature of Google Meet meetings can easily Livestream on YouTube, you must first apply to have your YouTube channel approved. You’ll then get a list within 24 hours, where users can change their privacy settings, how long streams can be, and what’s required to enable streams.

Additionally, Google Meet has brought many other changes this year, such as integration with Google Duo for voice and video calls, an update for teachers, and the ability to stream events like school board meetings on YouTube. But, it may take some time for the features to be changed to everyone’s account.

Google also introduced small but useful changes like picture-in-picture and emoji this year, and the interface refresh brought a handy shortcut so you don’t have to look at your face the whole time and a single bar to hold all of Meet’s controls.

These amazing updates from Google have surprised many users, and as a result of which users are eagerly waiting to use this feature. Many users accounts already have features available, but not all features are available yet It will take some more time to inform Google about this.

So, we hope very soon all the users will get all the updated features in their account and can use them.

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