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Apple’s Corporate Employees Returning to Offices on Hybrid Schedule Starting Today

Finally, Apple’s Corporate Employees Returning to Offices on Hybrid Schedule. Apple’s planned activities are going to start from today.

Since the beginning of March 2020, all  Apple activities have been shut down in the office for the epidemic Covid 19. But since then everyone has had to work privately from home. After working at home for a long time, everyone has officially started returning to the office.

However, in the beginning, it has started to return on a limited basis. Gradually, it has been learned that everyone will have to return to the office. The important thing is that the apple office has been opened and closed several times due to the effect of Covid 19, but this time apple office is probably going to be opened permanently.

Apple announced last month that April 11was the return date for employees. However, on this occasion officials have announced a number of new rules, such as the requirement to do personal work at least once a week from today.

Then from May to work from the office two days a week. This rule will be changed again from 23rd May, after 23rd you will be in the office three days per week. Apple’s plan is somewhat similar to the so-called “hybrid”. Apple’s Tim Cook described the plan as a pilot.

However, Apple did not give a clear idea about how long this plan will last. However, it is generally understood that this plan will be formally discontinued after a certain period of time.

But a Bloomberg report last week explained that many employees are frustrated because Apple’s products make far-reaching tasks easier than we all know. But even then why not allow full-time remote work for its own employees.

Apple is currently the only Silicon Valley company that is preventing employees from working privately. Because Twitter also allows its employees to work permanently from home, which is what we see in the case of Facebook employees.

Apple's Corporate Employees Returning to Offices on Hybrid Schedule today

Google is similarly forcing some of its teams to work privately earlier this month. However, many Google employees are already working permanently at home.

But above all, it seems that Apple’s Corporate Employees Returning to Offices on Hybrid Schedule to achieve a specific goal, which is still not clear to anyone. So we have to wait some more time to understand the whole point of this  Hybrid Schedule.

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