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Apple Company Starts Manufacturing The iPhone 13 In India Very Soon

It has been rumored for a long time that Apple will start manufacturing its latest product iPhone 13 in India. Yes, Apple starts manufacturing the iPhone 13 in India on April 11. Apple companies including Indians are very excited about making iPhone 13 in India.

Apple started making iPhone products in India in 2017, then started the journey with the SE version of the iPhone. The company has announced that it will also begin making the iphone 13 according to a recent Apple report.

Apple reports that they have started trial production of iPhone 13 in India through  Foxconn since last year and they have been successful. From this successful test, they have confirmed that they will have no problem making iPhone 13 in India.

Apple company thinks that this decision of Apple will reduce the cost of the iPhone 13. However, according to various sources, the phone is being manufactured at a local plant of Apple’s Taiwanese contract maker Foxconn (2354. TW) in Sriperumbudur, South Tamil Nadu.

AppleStarts Manufacturing The Iphone 13 In India

It seems to me that Apple is making these decisions to reduce its dependence on China. Because Apple has already shifted many areas of iPhone production to other markets including India and the company also thinks that they will make iPads and tablets in this field.

However, Apple also thinks that it will provide retail benefits for Apple products in India, but the company has not yet said when. But, according to a source, people are being hired to set up Apple’s retail outlets in Mumbai and Delhi.

A closer look reveals that countries like India and Mexico and Vietnam are now gaining more and more importance in creating American brands. Thus, it is clear that American brands will reduce their dependence on China.

But one thing to be surprised about is that Apple launched its online store in India two years ago, which now sells products offline. However, I also applaud the decision to Apple starts manufacturing the iPhone 13 in India, and I hope that this decision will be very effective for the users as well.

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