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Various Techniques On How To Fix Automatic Repair Loop Windows 10

Have you stuck in a situation where your PC started restarting again and again with only a blank and black screen? Have you ever started a computer and a blue screen pops?

How To Fix Automatic Repair Loop Window 10

Your PC started to show up with the preparing moreover automatic repair windows 10 on the black screen. You are stuck with this issue for hours or either day.

The error comes up with different reasons too and can be solved with other methods. You can either use the Easeus software to solve the issue.

You will get to know how to reboot your computer back to life again correspondingly.

What Is Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop?

Automatic repair is an inborn characteristic and that is used for windows 10 automatic startup repair. It helps to solve the issues of booting the PC. Whenever any problem arises, the windows will start-up automatically to fix the problems additionally.

What Are The Types Of Automatic Repair Loop?

There are different types of problems you will face while starting the computer.

    • You will see a pop on your PC with windows 10 automatic repair black screen error.
    • The automatic repair couldn’t repair your PC windows 10 with a blue screen.

What Causes Automatic Repair Loop Windows 10

Do these automatic repair loop errors annoying you now and then? You should first find out the reasons:

    • Windows registry issues.
    • Windows Boot Manager crashed.
    • Hard drive problems
    • Some Corrupted Files

Fixes On Windows Repair Automatic Loop (2021)

There are two different scenarios to repair the windows.

1. Windows 10 Automatic Repair Black Screen

There are several methods to fix the black screen issues.

Hard Reboot

The hard reboot means you need to restart your Pc manually rather than using the keys.

    • Push the power button for a lengthier time.
    • Until the computer shuts down.
    • Then restart the computer and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Resetting The Computer

The go-to method for any problem with your PC is to reset it.

    • Preparing automatic repair windows 10, you need to press the power button two to three times.
    • It will forcefully shut off the PC.
    • A Reboot window will appear.
    • Click on troubleshoot.
    • Later, press on the reset PC.

Windows 10 Safe Mode

When you have a black screen, you can opt for safe mode. It can work with the minimum operating system similarly.

You can download an antivirus; you can delete some of the damaged files and update your hard disk with cd in safe mode version.

You need an installation windows disk to opt for the safe mode.

    • Insert or attach the installation windows to the PC.
    • Select the boot option from the installation window.
    • From the windows setup, select the option next.
    • Navigate to repair your computer; press troubleshoot, then the advanced option, and further click on startup settings.
    • Press the safe mode option and hit enter.

Rebuild Boot Configuration Data

If the MBR AND BCD are missing or damaged from the PC, then the computer won’t start. You need to use the command prompt strategy.

    • Insert the installation disk.
    • Select Repair your computer.
    • Next in the boot menu, select troubleshoot, then advance option, and press on command prompt.
    • Write the command with the enter key.
    • bootrec/ fixboot
    • Bootrec/scanos
    • Bootrec/fixmbr
    • Then restart your computer.

Disable Automatic Repair In Bios

The option of automatic repair windows can lead to a black screen issue on your computer. You can disable it to recover.

    • Follow the above command prompt steps.
    • Further, write bcdedit/ set (current) recovery enabled No.
    • Exit the command prompt option.
    • In the end, restart the computer.

2. Popping Blue Screen With Automatic Repair

In this scenario, the screen is blue, and the option blinking on the screen is automatic repair. It comes with an option to restart, and when you press it, the PC will run to an automatic repair loop. On the blue screen, you have some advanced opportunities on how to fix automatic repair loop window 10.

Windows Registry

You need to restore the windows registry to start your computer work again.

    • On the blue screen, click on the advanced options, press troubleshoot, and then choose the command prompt.
    • Insert the username and password.
    • Write the command with the enter key.
    • C:
    • CD Windows\ System32
    • CD Config
    • Select exit and turn off the computer.

System Restore

To back up your PC, you can restore the system.

    • Navigate to troubleshoot, press advanced options, and then press system restore.
    • Select the restore place to fix your PC.
    • Wait a while until the procedure is wrapped up.
    • Then restart again your computer.

System Image Recovery

Suppose you can build your system image on an external device before the error. Then you can perform system image recovery.

    • Firstly, connect the external storage device.
    • Choose the image you want to recover.
    • Pursue the procedure by clicking on re-image your computer wizard.
    • Restart the computer to check whether your issue is resolved or not.

If neither of the solutions works to reboot your system, then reinstall as well as windows are the ideal way. But, of course,e some of the above methods work well to deal with the error.

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