Solutions For How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Loop

How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Loop

What do you know about the boot loop? Windows 10 Boot Loop, Many of the users complained regarding the boot loop after updating their windows version to 10.

How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Loop

Windows 10 is the easiest to use with tons of unique features. But obviously, nothing is perfect. Windows 10 contains bugs as well, but luckily most of the fixes are automatic. You can see some of the flaws after updating your windows.

There is a problem in Windows 10 boot loop after the update.

What Does Boot Loop Mean?

There are several types of errors in your PC. But Windows 10 boot loop 2021 is the most complained about error nowadays.

It means the system keeps on rebooting and does not pass the process of booting.

Problems Of Boot Loop

Are you annoyed of your PC keeps rebooting? It made many of the computers useless. Let us see some of the problems people are facing:

    • Reboot loop.
    • Windows 10 is not booting after reset.
    • Continuous reboot.
    • The Windows 10 boot loop automatic repair.
    • You can see a blue or black screen.

How To Fix Boot Loop In Pc?

There are different solutions on how to fix the windows 10 boot loop.

1. Update Pc Drivers

One of the biggest problems of boot loops could be drivers. If your drivers are not up to date, it can result in crashed windows.

Not only the graphic drivers but hard drivers could cause the problem too.

    • Select on my computer.
    • Right-click on the options drivers and click update drivers.

The manual way is quite hectic. Therefore, you can try software known as DriverFix. It will not only update the drivers but also fix all the problems as well.

2. Windows 10 Startup Repair Command Prompt

The boot loop could be the occurrence due to a corrupted file, and you might restore it. Windows 10 Boot Loop Use the command and prompt method to repair it.

    • You should restart the PC after booting.
    • Navigate to troubleshoot, then advance options, and press on command and prompt.
    • You can type the command with the enter key.
    • C:
    • cd windowsSystem32config
    • MD backup
    • Copy/backup
    • CD regback
    • Copy
    • Exit the command and prompt.
    • Restart the computer.

3. Windows 10 Safe Mode

Safe mode is the version with minimal settings of the operating system. It helps you to reboot your PC back to life.

You need an installation disk to use the safe mode.

    • Insert the Windows installation disk.
    • Click on the option troubleshoot, then press advance setup and press startup settings.
    • Now click on restart.
    • After restarting the computer, a window will pop with further options.
    • You can now navigate on safe mode with networking.
    • It is how you can reboot your system by opting for safe mode.

4. Detach All The Extra USB Drives

Every device we use on our computers is attached by USB Drives.

. Sometimes these connections create boot loop errors.

    • The simplest way to figure out this issue is to disconnect all the USB connections.
    • You should connect only the default devices.
    • Even the wifi adapters, wireless keyboards, and either external hard drives can cause these errors.
    • You should detach all the instruments while booting.

5. Disable Secure Boot

Your computer got stuck after an update; then the problem is BIOS. To solve the issue, you might disable the option.

    • Navigate troubleshoot, then press the advance option and click on UEFI firmware settings.
    • After restarting your PC, your BIOS window will open automatically.
    • Navigate to secure boot and clock on disable.
    • You can now boot your PC.

6. Removing Problematic Updates

Sometimes, after updating your PC, some issues occur. To fix those, you need to delete them.

    • Starting the windows 10 safe mode version.
    • Open up the startup button and click on the settings.
    • You can now press on update and security.
    • Click on view update history.
    • A list of recent updates will open.
    • After going through, you can now press uninstall updates.
    • The list of updates will appear on the screen.
    • Double click the option to uninstall.

Suppose your computer does not reset after the windows boot loop (2021). Then there are solutions above to fix the problem.

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