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Switching To iOS From Android – Reasons I Am Not Going Back

I have been an Android user since 2016. Mainly Samsung’s Galaxy S series phones kept me stuck with Android for a long time. After the release of Pixel 3, I had to experience the feel of raw android. Since then I have been a happy Android user for a long time. Recently I had thoughts of switching to iOS from Android.

I just wanted to try out one of the latest iOS devices. The main reason was to check out if it impresses me or not. It’s not that I have never tried out an iPhone. Honestly, I have had a bad experience with the iPhone 6s Plus. Alongside a few hiccups, the battery backup was the main big issue. So let’s talk about my experiences with the latest iPhone.

Switching To iOS From Android - Opinions Of A Long-Term Android User

A few days ago, my regular carry-around device was a Pixel 6 Pro. Now I am using an iPhone 13 Pro Max as my regular device. After two full months, I am ready to make a decision. I am loving this new Apple device so much that I have no plans to go back to Android. Let me inform you why.


It’s not that I didn’t like the LCD Retina displays of previous iPhones. They were clear and excellent. But now the world is crazy about AMOLED displays. All top and premium smartphones come with advanced AMOLED display technology. Android smartphones adopted that a long-ago with Samsung.

A few years back Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology was unbeatable. In one word, Samsung displays were the best. But now the latest iPhones come with bleeding-edge display panels. I am really amazed by the super Retina XDR OLED display of my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

At first glance, I understood these displays are one key selling point of the latest iPhones. It has a 120Hz refresh rate and HDR 10 support. The textures look sharp and furnished. The colors are accurate and feel satisfying. It never lets me miss my Pixel phone. Well, the Pixel 6 Pro display isn’t something ordinary.

Battery backup

Poor battery backup was a common problem on previous iPhones. No one can disagree with that. These days most smartphone manufacturers prioritize battery backup. That’s why we often see 5000 to 6000 mAh batteries in Android smartphones. But iPhones didn’t seem interested in increasing the number.

But I am really shocked to see the battery backup of this 13 Pro Max. It carries a 4352mAh battery. But surprisingly the 6nm chip and software optimization helps it to last for two long days with normal uses. Where most Android smartphones suffer from battery draining, My new iPhone didn’t show such issues.

I have seen some smartphones with 6000mAh batteries that can’t serve like my iPhone 13 Pro Max does. Honestly, the battery supports way better than all my previously used Android phones. So I appreciate Apple for this great improvement in the battery department.

iOS environment

Before switching my main obsession was the iOS environment. As I have been an Android user for a long time, my muscle memory was used to work on a certain pattern. Using iOS on a regular basis coming from a completely different OS was the toughest task. My primary concern was the restrictive nature of iOS.

Sharing with other operating systems and some other customization may seem a little bit complex. But that’s reasonable. My experience with iOS was astonishing. iOS is very handy and comfortable. The gestures work great. Just the home screen is not very customizable which I missed a lot. However, the classy iOS home screen doesn’t take a long time to make you familiar with it.

After using it a couple of times it will become more attractive to you. The smooth animations look so satisfying that you will surely fall in love. It has all the necessary customization options. The thing I love most is that everything is easy to navigate here. You will easily find the options you need. The control center is an amazing feature that every Android phone should include.

These days in the US most places have adopted the Apple ecosystem. It makes it too easy to control or communicate with other Apple devices with my iPhone. Apps like iMessage, Apple Pay make some of your tasks quick and simple. You can also connect with your Mac device easily. Simplifying these kinds of tasks makes the iPhone more helpful in regular uses.

Well, Android does have alternatives to all these. But for some reason my iPhone 13 Pro Max feels more comfortable. Not for the value, the in-app experience is also better in the latest iPhones.

Is it worth shifting from Android to iPhone?

From my point of view, I have had a great experience using the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is really tough to shift to a completely new environment. But if you can overcome this by setting your mind, it would be fun. Honestly, you don’t need to sacrifice your priority tasks to shift to an iPhone. 

You know smartphones are smart. There are not many differences in the features. So you can do every other thing with an iPhone that an Android can do. However, Apple apps are more polished and larger in size. I think the reason behind this is optimization. 

So my opinion is straight. There is nothing wrong with experiencing something new. You can shift from any one of them to another one.

android or ios

iPhone vs Android: Which is better?

Owned by AppleOwned by Google
Initial release – 2007Initial release – 2008
Designed for iPhones, iPadsDesigned for any smartphone manufacturers
Hybrid type KernelLinux based kernel
Well optimization between hardware and softwareCustom UI makes it heavy
Uses Apple’s A bionic series chipsetUses the third party built chipsets- Qualcomm Snapdragon, Exynos, Mediatech, Kirin, Tensor, etc.

Both of them is the best operating system of this time. They are the most user-friendly and advanced smartphone software system. But there is a huge difference between them. Unlike iOS, Android is an open-source platform. Anyone can customize or modify it at their convenience. So it can be made better or worse using custom codes.

On the other hand, Apple controls and decides for iOS. No third party can access it. That makes iOS more secure than Android. This restriction may cause the missing of some interesting features. But this is the reason why iOS is well optimized. Optimization is really important. It enhances the smoothness. The stock Android can be another example of good optimization.

Better optimized phones perform better and save battery. So it is completely your choice to pick the perfect operating system for you. There is a tie from my point of view.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

iPhones vs Android which is better for gaming?

You know there are very powerful and aggressive Android phones for gaming. But iPhones optimization is so good that gamers love iPhones over Android devices. Most e-sport players prefer iPhones. iPhones are reported to perform better in heavy gaming. In-game lagging is really rare in iPhones.

iPhones vs Android Which camera is better?

Picture quality depends on a few things. For a better picture, you need better hardware alongside better image processing capability. Both iPhones and top-end Android phones provide clear images. It can’t be one single phone that delivers the best pictures. Every premium smartphone’s camera is good on different sides.


Every person’s choices, likes, and dislikes are different. Like me, many people are switching their operating systems to experience something new. Some are impressed with iOS and some fall in love with Android. For me, the latest iPhone 13 lineup is worth shifting from Android. But I can’t surely say about the previous iPhones.

My overall experience with iPhone 13 Pro Max is good enough to suggest it to you. But the pricing is one downside of the iPhone. In a similar price range, you may find more powerful Android devices. But Apple has a different fan base. That is so large that iPhones remain the most highlighted topic in the tech world. However, switching to iOS from Android was a good decision indeed and I am surely not going back recently.

Tom Bedfard
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