10 million Android users have been charged by the hundreds in new Scams

10 million Android users have been charged by the hundreds in new Scams

People have become more familiar with the term hacking when using smartphones. That’s why now all smartphone users know about hacking. So most users are careful when visiting an unknown site and downloading from the site.

But hackers constantly change their type of hacking. This is why sometimes there are situations where the users do not realize that the hackers have entered their system. These are done so prudently that it is not clear where they came from.

But, the problem is that when a new hacking process begins. which is still beyond the reach of technologists, these problems become more complex.

The latest such scandal occurred in 2020 and the hacking process still exists. Our technologists are also likely to be deceived by this hacking process. Hackers have already targeted 2.5 million Android users to carry out this hacking process.

Yet, in this case, technicians have advised avoiding saying yes to any message.

The mobile security Zimperium company reported the hacking on September 29th.

The hacking system that hackers are currently running is trying to access users’ phones through Google Play Store.

It’s mentioned that the hacking system that hackers are currently running. It’s basically trying to access users’ phones through the Google Play Store.

The company also gave a name to this hacking system, which is GriftHorse. According to the company’s experts, hackers have launched a campaign using the Google Play Store.

The hacker has released more than 200 Android apps on the Play Store for this campaign. These apps are very necessary and an easy interface has been used so that users can easily like them.

There is no way to see these apps in a normal way and understand that they contain any kind of scammer files. So all Android users have a chance to fall into this trap.

But Zimperium said that these applications have some common features. For example, apps offer a variety of things all the time and ask the user’s phone number or email to log in immediately.

So if a user gives a phone number or emails to log in there, then a lot of control goes into their hands. But the most serious thing is that once you install these apps, a lot of control of the phone system goes to them.

Another thing that happened in this hacking system was that the hackers forced the user to submit the phone number to the SMS service. As a result, a certain amount is deducted per month from the user’s phone, which is about $50.

In this context, Zimperium said that if anyone thinks that they have such a problem with their phone, they should contact their SIM operator. They will then remove the fraudulent service.

Zimperium assumes that this  GriftHorse has already been able to harm 10 million android users. This hacker campaign has targeted the use of smartphones in more than 70 countries.

The security firm also assumes that the hackers changed the language of the application. And of their target mobile users to the IP address of the current user. And so far they have been able to make over a few million. As a result, they have been able to steal a lot of money.

However, this company said it was trying to get a refund. That’s why they have listed many apps, including Scan Docs and Notes, Daily Horoscope and Life Palmistry, and Amazing Video Editor.

Apps in this category have been selected in several ways. But the special reason is that hackers have already hacked users with apps in this category. These apps are innocent and simple to look at, which there is no way to understand.

Zimperium sent a list of these marked apps to Google and requested that they be removed from PlayStore. So Google removed them from PlayStore and banned those app developers. This process has been able to give some good results, but many apps may have scammer files outside of their list.

These apps still exist in other third-party stores. That’s why Zimperium Company tells users to be more careful when using other third-party stores.

Sridhar Mittal, CEO of Gymparium, told Wired that These hackers are very well organized so they are able to work very well. They are running it like a business. But no matter how prudent they may be, we will soon be able to stop them.



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