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The Simplest Solution – How Do You Turn Off Call Forwarding?

Looking for how to turn off call forwarding? No worries, you can do it very easily. It’s a very common question for all phone users, but the solution is as simple as drinking a glass of water. If you have turned on call forwarding on your phone before and are looking for a solution to turn it off, then you are at the right place.

In this article, I will explain how to turn off call forwarding with the simplest solution. Along with this, I will discuss some more things as a bonus that you must know. So stay with me till the end of the article, I promise you will find an easy solution to call forwarding.

How do you turn off call forwarding?

I have already said something above, now let’s come to the main point. You must remember I said above that calling forwarding off is as easy as drinking a glass of water. Yeah, it’s a simple process but since there are many types of Android phones there may be some differences in the solution depending on the phone.

That’s why I am trying to solve it in such a way that it works equally for all phones. So, below I am giving a solution through a few steps, but if your phone has 2 SIMs then these steps need to be used again for another SIM.

1: First, enter the Phone App by tapping in the app.

2: Now tap on the 3 dot buttons on the top right.

3: Here you can see many options, you click on “Settings”.

4: Now you see a new window, scroll down, and click on “More Settings”.

5: Here you can see your desired option “Call Forwarding”.

6: Click on “Call Forwarding”

7: Now you can see “Voice Call” and “Video Call”.

8: You click on “Voice call”

9: Now that you have reached the final stage, here you can see four types of forwarding.

10: Turn off by clicking on each option, then your phone’s call forwarding problem will be fixed.

Common reasons for wanting to stop call forwarding:

There may be several reasons for stopping call forwarding. But there are two common reasons I am saying, the first is that you may have turned on call forwarding before but now you can’t turn it off.

Second, it could be that someone has turned on call forwarding on your phone without letting you know, which is why your acquaintances are failing to deliver the call to your device.

How do you know if your call has been forwarded to another number?

If you think your phone is forwarding calls but you don’t know that your phone has call forwarding on. But no worries, below are some ways to check if your phone has to call forward.

1: First, you need to note the notification on your phone, if the call is forwarded to your phone then the notification will come.

2: Then you will notice another issue, whether the network company gives you any information while making the call.

3: If you still have doubts after examining the above two ways, you can wait a while and then get a report from those who call you almost all the time.

How to cancel call forward on different networks using dial code?

After reading all of the above you can now imagine how those who use basic phones will stop forwarding. Don’t be afraid, if you are a basic phone user, you can still turn on and off call forwarding on your phone.

In this case, you need to take the help of the network authority. Each network provider has a dial code to turn on and off call forwarding. If you do not know this dial code, you can find out by calling their authority’s helpline.

In this case too, if you have two SIMs in your phone, you have to do it separately for each one.

Advantages of the call forward feature:

There is a lot of talk about turning off call forwarding above. Now let’s talk about how call forwarding benefits you.

All the fixtures of the phone are provided for the convenience of the users. Like other features, the call forwarding feature has been given to all the phones for the convenience of the users.

This feature is able to help you manage one type of call. For example, if you go somewhere, you can control the call by forwarding your home phone with your own phone. Moreover, you can use call forward to avoid confusion during your busy time.

Final Words

Mobile phones have changed the fastest and most in technology. If we compare today’s smartphones with the basic phones of a few years ago, it seems incredible. Each of the features that are offered in the smartphone has a different specialty that is given for the convenience of the users. That’s why every user should know or understand the features of the phone. As a result, the maximum benefit of the smartphone can be taken.

Call forwarding is a common problem for all phone users, so I have outlined various aspects of this problem above. In particular, I have shown the advantages and disadvantages and explained the solution in different ways.

So hopefully you have read the article above completely and have been able to stop call forwarding. I promised you, I will describe some more bonuses, including the solution of call forwarding, I did.


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