It seems that you are a phone lover and like to change your older one to a new iPhone.  Here is fantastic news for you this next Friday, Apple will introduce its new member in its iPhone family. And the iPhone’s name is iPhone 12. 

The company claims that it is a better performer with its 5G internet and super fast browsing speed. It has the next generation internet to download anything within a short time. 

The iPhone has a variety of features. Such as a 12MP front camera, 12 Mp+ 12 Mp rare camera, 6.1 inches display, stylish design, 5 available colors. 

Keep reading this article to know in detail about the iPhone 12. We have covered every single thing about it.

iPhone 12
(Image Credit: Apple)

The mentionable key features of iPhone 12

Is the iPhone 12 a new addition?

Yes, it is a new addition to the iPhone family.

When the company releases it?

The pre-order of this iPhone is open now. But you will get it in your hand after October 23. That means you have to wait not more than 3 days from now.

How much does it cost?

You can buy it by spending only $799, $799 and, AU $1349.

Let’s Check Here all The Features of iPhone 12 In Detail

Before placing a pre-order, you must know everything about the iPhone. 

The  release date and price of the iPhone 12

Apple has decided to release it on October 23 (next Friday). Before officially releasing the iPhone 12, the company gives you the offer to pre-order it directly from the company. But if you want, you can also pre-order it from retailers. 

As the iPhone 12 has some unique features than iPhone 11, so you can collect it at $799 in the US. And Apple says the price is a little bit high because you can use 5G technology through this iPhone.  

We have researched the market and collected the price range of the iPhone 12. Here is the list…

Country name64 Gigabyte128 Gigabyte256 Gigabyte
US (United States)799 dollars849 dollars949 dollars
UK ( United Kingdom)799 dollars849 dollars949 dollars
Australia1349 dollars1429 dollars1599 dollars
iPhone 12
(Image Credit: Apple)

The camera function of the iPhone 12

At this time, we all are very fond of capturing either selfies or group photos. Nevertheless, mobile photography is becoming popular nowadays. 

By understanding your demands, the company has focused on the camera function. It has a dual camera. The front camera is 12Mp that has an f/1.6 aperture with a complete shooter. The rear camera has a 12Mp+12Mp ultra-wide shooter with an f/2.4 aperture. Even you can get a super quality bigger focus while capturing low light photographs

It is also including the new smart HDR 3 tech photo capturing system. Like: color improvement of the picture, contrast the right mode, and 27% of advances in the night or low light photography than the iPhone 11.

There are also some more camera options. Its front camera is too good that it works well for video calls. It can also perform portrait mode, digital zoom up to 5x, 24, 30, 60 frame photo per second, and 4k video recording.

It has face ID recognition technology to unlock your phone and it protects against stealing. But it doesn’t have any fingerprint option to unlock the phone. 

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The design and display of the iPhone 12

Since it is a new addition to the iPhone family, it has a stylish design and the largest display size. The top-notch iPhone 12 has a 6.1 inches big size display. That’s why you can see everything more clearly than the previous iPhone.

Apple uses an aluminum frame around the outside of the iPhone. Moreover, the four edges look sharper than the others. The iPhone 11 has rounded corners, and the rear side is made of glass. Where the iPhone 12 has reminiscent of the iPhone 5s.

The new technology of ceramic shields in the iPhone’s front side makes it more durable and long-lasting. But it doesn’t mean that you throw it and watch its durability. It protects your device from severe but unconscious knocks and drops.

The dimensions of the iPhone are (146.7×71.5×7.4mm). When we make a comparison with iPhone 11, we find it is 11% thinner, 15% smaller, and 16% lighter. Even it is only 164 grams, that means very light in weight. 

Not only this, the generation of pixels is double in ratio than the iPhone 11.  The 6.1 inches largest screen makes 1200 necks peak, which is brighter than the other previous iPhone. 

The iPhone 12 is dust and IP 68 water-resistant. As a result, you can use it more comfortably. There is a silence switch on the left side and a volume button below the silence switch. There is also a power button on the right top side of the iPhone 12. 

Since the iPhone 12 has an aluminum frame but a small indent below the power button. This button has a 5G antenna that helps the iPhone to make a connection with the networks.  And you can use a smooth Internet connection without any disturbance. 

The  5G internet connection of iPhone 12

You know that we are now using the 4G internet. But 5G internet gives you a better experience than 4G, right. That’s why the iPhone uses the technology to get the 5G (next-generation) internet connection. 

The 5G technology confirms you both sub-6 and mm-Wave. In the US, it works in Verizon networks. By this, you can connect your iPhone with all kinds of networks and get 5G smooth and speedy internet.

We have seen that in the US, the 5G technology reaches 4Gbps theoretically. But in practice, it has gone 1.4Gbps from the Verizon high-frequency mm-Wave technology. 

This sub-6 technology and mm-Wave provides incredibly fast internet. Even the iPhone has a shorter range and gets 5G internet from a greater distance. So it will give you eventually a fast indoor experience. 

There is also a smart data mode by which you can switch the internet mood from 5G to 4G. This option helps you to save battery life. So we are eagerly waiting to get it in hand and experience the performance practically.

iPhone 12
(Image Credit: Apple)

The specifications of the iPhone 12

  • Display- 6.1”
  • Weight- 164 grams
  • Dimensions- 146.7*7.5*7.4 millimeter
  • Resolution- 2532*1170
  • Pixels density- 460ppi
  • Refresh rate- 60 Hz
  • Front camera- 12 Mp
  • Rare camera- 12Mp+12Mp
  • Memory storage- 64GB/128GB/256GB
  • Chipset- Apple A 14
  • RAM- No RAM
  • Battery- No Battery

A Bionic chipset powers this iPhone. Before it, we all have seen the iPad Air 4 has the chipset, the world’s first 5nm chipset. This chipset is 40% more powerful and effective than the A 13 chipset in the iPhone range. 

Apple claims that it is the super fastest chip in an iPhone. Moreover, we think it is an extraordinary claim from an iPhone producing company. So let’s wait to get the iPhone and its review. 

There is a variety of iPhone 12 choices. You can get 64 GB, 128GB, 256 GB memory. If you want to know our recommendation, we will suggest the 256 GB memory. The 64 GB doesn’t have enough space for storing all your data. But 256 GB is enough for your data storage. 

The battery of the iPhone 12

The battery is one of the essential elements which you can’t see from the outside of the iPhone. But it plays a vital role and the iPhone lifetime depends on it. So it is very crucial to know about the iPhone battery. 

Apple says that you can watch 16 hours of videos at a stretch. So you can easily imagine how strong the iPhone 12 battery is! But unless we get the phone in hand and experience, we can’t guaranty it.    

The battery takes a short time to store the charge. Even if you buy another 20w charger, you can charge it from 0%-50% within half an hour. Isn’t it an excellent feature for the iPhone family? Of course, It is an outstanding feature for those who need urgent charge at their iPhone. 

Since the company doesn’t say anything about the wireless charger, we don’t know about it. But you can attach a wireless charging pad to the iPhone as it has a significant improvement called Magsafe.

What is the purpose of using Magsafe on the device?  The answer is very simple. It helps you to protect your phone from slip off. Not only this, it allows you to use your iPhone while you are charging your phone. 

The Magsafe uses 15w charging, which is limited to Qi 7.5w. It is safe Qi wireless charging. So without any hesitation, you can use it. 

The accessories of the iPhone 12

You won’t get the charging brick and a pair of earbuds with the box of the device. The company should include a USB-C lightning cable. 

In a word, we can say that it is one of the best addition to the iPhone family.


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