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Big Update On Android 13 – Android Apps Can Be Streamed On PC

We know some of you still have not got the Android 12 update on your Android smartphone. But most of the latest high-end phones are already running on Android 12. In 2022 Google’s focus is on their next big update on Android 13. That is something special. A completely unseen feature in Android phones.

As from new leaks we got that with Android 13 Pixel phones would be able to stream apps directly on PC. A screenshot of Android 13 just leaked a few days back. That screenshot shows two notifications in a side screen notification bar. Leaving the Linux notification bar aside the full screen shows a messaging app in Android style.

Not just Android style, it seems the Android Twitter app is running on a PC. Currently, Google is planning to make the AndroidOS and ChromeOS more friendly to Windows 11 and Apple devices. Previously we got a few passive updates about this topic. Let’s get back to the point.

The interesting fact is in the notifications. One of them is from a Cross-device communication service. It is clearly showing an Android device connected to the PC. Which is a huge sign that indicates the messaging app is streaming from an Android phone.

Another notification is from Google Play Service. It is showing that a Chromebook is connected. Overall the whole screenshot is pointing toward Google’s next key feature for Android 13. So if you have a Pixel phone which is running on the latest Android version, you will enjoy this feature earlier than others. 

Many tech experts say that the direct streaming system will only work for messaging apps. But we think you can stream all apps from your Android phone to your PC. For this, you don’t even need to use your phone’s display. The connected smartphone’s screen does not need to be turned on. Your phone can be operated by a PC.

In the initial launch, all apps may not support the new feature. But it will be fixed by small updates. However, if you don’t own a Pixel phone, This streaming feature may show up a little lately. It’s surely a big update on Android 13. Android apps streaming on PC is not something common that you often see.

Tom Bedfard
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