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New Announcement About OxygenOS From OnePlus – Is OnePlus confused?

If you are a OnePlus fan, you may know that last year, OnePlus made a surprising announcement about OxygenOS. It was about collaborating with OPPO. They were going to merge the OxygenOS and ColorOS and make a new unified OS. But recently we got a new announcement about OxygenOS from OnePlus.

Oppo and OnePlus both are owned by the same mother company named BBK electronics. Both of them have their separate fanbase. OnePlus is known for providing top-notch specs at an affordable price. That makes it one of the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brands. But OxygenOS is something that makes a OnePlus phone worthy.

So the decision of a unified OS might not be liked by most of the OnePlus fans. Because OxygenOS is perfect on every point. It is lite and feels like stock android. They didn’t fabricate it as heavy as other operating systems. So after last year’s announcement, we were pretty sure that a new OS will run on the OnePlus 10 and 10pro.

Oneplus 10pro was released this January in China. Here is a big twist. After unboxing it everything was fine but the software was totally unexpected. Instead of the unified UI, the Chinese version of Oneplus 10pro came with a complete ColorOS. That made the Oneplus 10 look like an Oppo phone. 

It seemed to be a OnePlus housing holding an Oppo phone inside. Many customers were completely upset about it. But then all of a sudden Oneplus announced the OxygenOS 13. Everything just messed up there. Like you we are also confused. But they are claiming it strongly that they are planning for the new OxygenOS.

Oneplus is arranging an open ear forum on February 28. For this Covid pandemic, only 15 guests will be allowed through online registration. There they will talk about the OxygenOS 13 which is probably based on Android 13. Oneplus fans and interested people can apply for the 6-minute survey on their website.

The deadline for registration is 18th February. If you are a die-hard OnePlus fan, you can be a part of it. It just requires an email for registration. We think it would be a great opportunity to give your feedback and bring OxygenOS back. And those who already got a OnePlus 10Pro with ColorOS don’t need to worry at all.

In case they stick with the OxygenOS, your OnePlus 10Pro can be changed with just a software update. Still, nothing is clear if they will welcome the unified UI or not. They need to make a stable decision to clarify the whole merging stuff. Let’s wait for a few days until the new announcement about OxygenOS from Oneplus comes to light.

Tom Bedfard
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