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Calling Feature In The Gmail App, Audio, And Video Calls – Is It For Real?

Over the years Google launched some great apps for audio and video calling. Google Duo, Google Meet, and Zoom made our life easier during this Covid pandemic. But now Google brings a calling feature in the Gmail app.

It’s surely a smart move from Google. The world is still fighting with Covid-19. That’s why people prefer virtual conversation over physical interactions. So this calling feature in the Gmail app will be simpler than ever.

The Meet option already exists in the Gmail app. It can also help you to start a voice or video conversation. But This Meet feature is a little bit complex. Either you have to create a link or you can join a meeting with the code.

Google Meet also gives you the option to make a scheduled meeting. For someone who just wants to make a call, the process is not so friendly. It made some people move for Zoom. Although Zoom is from Google, it is a separate app.

So you need to download the app to use the calling feature. But you can use Meet without downloading a separate app. It directly works from the Gmail app. And everyone knows Duo is one of the best video calling apps.

You may think, “why should Google go for a new calling feature when it has given us many options?” The answer is simple. Technology is meant to make our life easier. Evey tech update saves our time and makes us more comfortable.

So the new calling feature in the Gmail app is no different. Hopefully from the next Gmail update, you can make a one-to-one call to another Gmail holder. The voice call and video call icons are supposed to appear on the top right corner of the app.

It will be a simple process to make calls from a local Gmail app without complexity. The Gmail app for iOS will also bring this update. You’ll see some interesting widgets as well. It’s an appreciable work from Google.

Tom Bedfard
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