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Oppo’s First Foldable Phone, Oppo Find N – Every Dissection

After many years of research and development, we got the first glance at Oppo’s first foldable phone. The phone is named Oppo Find N.

Oppo just released a 15sec video teaser of their foldable phones. The video premiered on 9th December on Youtube from Oppo’s official channel.

There was no spec revealed in that video. As we got a clear look at the actual phone, our eyes didn’t miss the little details. That might help to decode some major features of the new Oppo Find N.

Let’s talk about the physical structure first. The physical structure reminds us of the earlier phones of the Galaxy Fold series. But once you look closely, You’ll find the differences that make it unique.

From the teaser, we can say the phone is built with premium metal. We easily noticed the thin bezels and chin. Its thickness can be a sign of a solid phone.

There is a punch-hole camera in the foldable display. It was hard to notice but we think it would not be surprising if it is an under-display camera. However, the chances are minimal.

In the video, when the foldable display expanded, we noticed a small camera hole in the top left corner.

A foldable phone’s main part is its display. So let’s talk about it. We could see two displays. Both of them are huge. The foldable display might use the same technology as the Galaxy Fold phones.

It is not a weird dual display clip folding system. So you can enjoy a pure view from a single tab-like display. The secondary display looks better. Unlike other phones, this display seemed so large that you will never miss a regular 6-inch display phone.

Both are definitely OLED displays. Oppo Find N is now officially announced by the founder of OnePlus and the chief product officer of Oppo Pete Lau.

According to Oppo, this phone has resolved the problems that occurred on previous foldable phones. It is claimed to have the best hinge that will make the phone more durable than others.

No bump will exist in the crease of the inward foldable display. He said the prototype was designed in 2018. So we can say this phone must survive lots of tests and updates.

Nowadays many companies design different types of foldable phones to make them more usable. But customers have trust issues with these phones. You know the reasons, right?

Besides futuristic and impressive looks, people prefer tough phones. That’s the main reason why just a few luxury users prefer. But surely with upgrowing technology, the production and users of foldable phones will increase on a large scale. So let’s see if Oppo’s first foldable phone can change our preference.

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