Why Is Your iPhone Charging Slowly?

phone charging slow

Got a new iPhone? Wondering why is your new iPhone charging slowly? It might not be a serious issue. Do not take it as a hardware defect. Because your older iPhone charger can be responsible for it. Let’s talk about the possible reasons why an iPhone charges slowly.

First of all, you need to check out your charger. In most cases, the charger is the main culprit for slow charging. If you use an older 5watt iPhone charger with your new generation iPhone, obviously it will charge slowly.

Apple has not changed its lightning port since 2012. Moreover, the newer iPhones contain larger batteries. A 5-watt charger will obviously take a long time to fully charge your phone. Now Apple does not pack a power adapter in the box. Choosing a proper adapter can solve your slow charging problem.

If you have iPhone X or later, you should use at least a 20watt power adaptor. You can easily get one from an Apple store. It will decrease the charging time. In case your 20-watt charger struggles to charge faster, You have to check the charging port of your phone.

Sometimes the lightning port gets dirty by the little things in your pocket. These dust, fiber, and other junks can block your charging port. That prevents placing the charger in the proper place. It can end up with charging problems.

You can solve it easily. You just have to clean the port. But while doing this, you need to be extremely careful and gentle. Do not use any sharp or metal object. You should not use something wet to clean it except rubbing alcohol.

Still, if your iPhone is charging slowly, you can try a high-quality MagSafe wireless charger. Typically this type of charger can charge up to 15 watts speed.

It should take 50 minutes to charge 50% from 0%. So you will get a slightly faster-charging speed. That doesn’t need a port or cable. It may solve your iPhone charging slowly problem.

If you have a damaged charging port, you can easily charge your iPhone at a decent speed. However, Apple products are really tough and assure their top-notch quality. That’s why a new iPhone has such little chance to carry a manufacturing defective part.

Most of the time people buy a new iPhone and then keep charging it with their previous native Apple charger. The problem mainly occurs for this reason. It’s necessary to make sure your charger is perfectly compatible with your device.



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