When you want to replace your old phone with an iPhone or a new one, then you fall into a dilemma. You can’t select one because there you see various options are in your hand.  

Even everybody claims that they have the best one. And you become overwhelmed, right. In this regard, an actual review can help you to select the best one for you. When you choose the right phone, it gives you a better experience of using a smartphone.

Apple and Samsung have the head to head comparison in the name of the mobile brand. In 2020 these two brands introduce their new iPhone and mobile in its galaxy series. 

After that, there arises a debate on iPhone12 pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S20 among the people. According to their price, design, performance, camera, RAM, battery life, who wins the race? Let’s have a look before picking one.

iPhone 12 pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20: Price and Availability

Apple launched its new iPhone 12 pro this month, which means October. But in this case, Samsung launched its new galaxy mobile in February before the pre-pandemic situation.

Apple observes the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and keeps its iPhone 12 pro price around the amount. 

The price of the iPhone 12 pro is in the US $999, in the UK $999, and in Australia AU1699.

The launching price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is in the US $999, in the UK $899, and in Australia AU1499. 

Now, the price of Samsung Galaxy S20 is reduced to around in the US $750, in the UK $680, and in Australia AU1350.

iPhone 12 pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20: Storage space and Internet

If we look at their storage space, we find these two phones have 128 GB. The iPhone 12 pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 both have the opportunity to use 5G (next generation) internet. 

But, you can use the 4G version by the Galaxy S20 model. To use this option, you must switch into 5G to 4G mood. 

iPhone 12 pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20: Camera

Samsung and Apple, both companies, use three rear cameras in their Galaxy S20 and iPhone 12 pro version.

Both mobile offer you 12MP primary and a well 12MP ultra-wide cameras with 120 degrees field view.

Apple claims that the iPhone 12 Pro has a 4x range with only a 2x zooming option. Moreover, You can use a 0.5x ultra-wide camera from the starting point.

What a cool feature it is! 

The Samsung Galaxy S20 uses 1.1x optical zoom and only 64 MP sensors. This is why zoom pictures have a combination of visual and digital techniques. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 offers a full digital zoom image. In comparison, the iPhone 12 pro offers a 30x image to Apple’s 10x.  We can hope that Apple will do better, and we get better results from the iPhone 12 pro.

Using the iPhone 12 pro’s primary camera, you can capture a high-quality image in low-light because it has an f/2.6 lens. But the Samsung Galaxy S20 has an f/1.8 lens. Although, now night shooting almost depends on computational photography. 

But you can capture a well polish image with iPhone 12 pro without computational photography. Who doesn’t want it?

On a short note, it seems that iPhone 12 Pro has a better night mood than Samsung Galaxy S20. But for coming to a final decision, we have to use both phones at a time to judge their performance.

Samsung Galaxy S20 has oversaturated colors to give a punchy effect on images. But in this regard, the iPhone 12 pro is more measured. 

Both mobile shoot video at 40k with 60 frames per second. Or up to 240 frames at 1080 pixels. Not only this but also both have an odd extra video feature.

iPhone 12 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S20
(Image Credit: Apple & Samsung)

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iPhone 12 pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20: Design

Both iPhone 12 pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 are made of using glass and metal. However, they have some basic and simple differences.

Apple cut off the iPhone 12 pro’s square footprint and gives a curve look.

Samsung uses steel and aluminum to make its Galaxy S20’s back. And for this reason, it has a low cost than the iPhone 12 pro.

Samsung Galaxy S20 is trying to focus on its perception, not its dimensions. It has curved glass front and back panels. So when you hold it in your palm, you feel good. You think it is too much thinner to hold. Moreover, it is remarkably narrow in shape.

So now it’s time to find out which one is larger?

The iPhone 12 Pro has dimensions of 146.7*71.5*7.4 mm, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 has dimensions of 151.7*69.1*7.9 mm. So you can realize that Samsung Galaxy S20 is taller than iPhone 12 pro. But it is narrower and thinner too.

Suppose we make a comparison between them in terms of weight. We find that the iPhone 12 Pro is 187 grams, and Samsung Galaxy S20 is 163 grams. If you like lightweight mobile, then Samsung Galaxy S20 wins the race.

Both mobiles are good in investment when you like to get pocket feeling mobile. Though the iPhone has a smaller version in its department, which is the iPhone 12 mini. But it is not as standard as iPhone 12 pro.

When iPhone 12 pro can use the continuously lightning connection, the Galaxy S20 has a universal USB-C. 

Even these both phones are waterproof with IP 68 standards.

As Apple claims, the iPhone 12 pro has water resistance to go 6 meters under the water safely. Even it can be submerged at a depth of 1.5 meters for at least 30 minutes.

But it doesn’t mean that you are willing to take it with you while taking a shower at the swimming pool.

iPhone 12 pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20: Display Size

While choosing a smartphone display plays a vital role, the more prominent the display means, the bigger image. And who doesn’t love to see a bigger image in recent years?

Both mobiles have an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen. Moreover, they also have more or less the display of the same size. The iPhone 12 pro has 6.1 inches (154.94mm) display, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 has 6.2 inches (157.48 mm) display.

So in display size, Samsung wins.

When we compare the two, we find that Samsung Galaxy S20 has a technological edge in a few respects. But iPhone 12 pro does not have it. 

Galaxy S20 has a higher resolution, 1440*3200 pixels. But iPhone 12 pro has 1170*2532 pixels. So Samsung has 1.5 million extra pixels in its display. When we consider the pixels on display, Samsung wins! 

If you like the curved edge screen, you can choose the Galaxy S20. It looks shiny.

When capturing photos, Galaxy S20 gathers reflections, which can disturb you. But the iPhone doesn’t have this type of issue. So iPhone 12 pro wins in the case of photography.

iPhone 12 pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20: stunning Screen

The iPhone 12 pro has a nominal and minimum refreshing rate than Galaxy S20. While you can set the Samsung Galaxy S20 in 120Hz or 60Hz, you can set the iPhone 12 pro only 60Hz. 

The Galaxy S20 has a higher and smooth menu and webpage scrolling capacity because of its refreshing rate. Although it reduces the life of its battery, and the phone’s render resolution power. So it is a positive as well as a negative side of Samsung Galaxy S20.

Though the iPhone 12 pro has some limitations in its display, there also has some benefits. Apple claims that the iPhone 12 Pro has standard peak brightness. The brightness is 1200 nits, while Samsung Galaxy S20 has only 850 nits. 

The iPhone 12 pro has stronger glass on its screen. Apple uses new Corning glass and a layer of transparent crystals on its surface. Ceramic is more rigid and more scratch-resistant, so there doesn’t fall a tiny scratch within a short time.

Now, which phone wins in the race in case of a stunning screen?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a higher-end screen with high resolution. But the iPhone 12 pro has standard peak brightness and crystal transparent and more rigid surface.

No one leaves a space! 

iPhone 12 pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20: Lock system

When we compare fingerprint options to lock both phones, we find that Samsung Galaxy S20 has a fingerprint option, but iPhone 12 pro doesn’t have it.

Instead, the iPhone 12 Pro has a superior face identification option. For using this option, Apple uses extra hardware packed into its notch.

Apple uses Magsafe for its iPhone 12 pro. 

But now a question can come to your mind what the benefit of Magsafe is?

MagSafe means that there is a wireless charging ring around its back. It hooks the iPhone with the charge pads and clings with its cases. So it protects your device from eventually creating any cracks to the phone’s sides. It saves you a large investment from quick ruin. 

Doesn’t it make you happy?

But since we don’t use the iPhone 12 pro yet. We can’t give you any assistance with it.


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