Microsoft Will Offer A Corporate Metaverse Mesh For The Team

Microsoft Corporate Metaverse Mesh
Microsoft Metaverse

Finally, Microsoft is about to launch the metaverse feature for their Team app. Yes, Microsoft has announced that it will use the Metaverse feature to make their meetings more exciting. This feature is named Mesh. Using this feature, users will be able to ensure their presence in the digital world.

Each user will have a separate avatar, through which the virtual world with each other good manners, meetings, classes and much more that we do in regular life. It sounds like a lot of disbelief to everyone but it is going to take shape soon.

This excellent feature can be used by users of computers, laptops, smartphones, and holographic devices. I can say for sure that a big revolution is going to happen again in the technological world. People are going to know and recognize the digital world in a new way.

Microsoft vice president Jeff Tapper gave a brief about the mesh.

Metaverse is getting a lot of praise on social media. Everyone understands that this metaverse is going to be a great gift of technology in Covid-19. However, the term metaverse is not new. Many blockchain projects have introduced such metaverse technology.

In 2017, the Decentraland blockchain project introduced the virtual world. Ariel Melich and Esteban Ordano have created a virtual world where you need to buy land to set up something. Another similar project is called Sandbox. This project contains virtual land or assets that can be purchased.

But this time everything in real life is being added to Metaverse. People will also find new types of happiness using technology. Already, Microsoft has released an intro video of Metaverse. Seeing that, it seemed like a fantasy world to me.

Using Metaverse, users will be able to perform all types of tasks by confirming their presence in the Virtual Word. Technologists hope that Metaverse will be a revolutionary feature for all people.


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