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WhatsApp Is Going To Come Up With A Community Feature Soon

WhatsApp Is Going To Come Up With A Community Feature Soon. This is stated in a blog post of WABetaInfo. First, in October the XDA developers talked about the potential of this community feature. However now WABetaInfo seems to have come to the same conclusion.

According to WABetaInfo, this community feature will enhance both the security and power of group admins. For example, to be able to create groups within groups so that groups under the community will be more organized.

WhatsApp always trying to come up with new updates. Basically, after doing a lot of research on users, they realized that there is a need for community features. That’s why WhatsApp started working on this feature and is trying to release the feature soon.

The WABBetainfo post gives a definition of the community feature. A community is a good place where one group can be integrated and controlled into another group. In this case, the admin of one community has to invite another community through the invitation link. The same system must be followed to manually connect someone.

Then both community users will be able to send messages among themselves. But, the WABetaInfo post did not specify what the chats would look like. However, WABetaInfo showed in a screenshot, where there is a different layout for the community icon. This layout implies that communities may differ from regular group chats.

The decision to feature WhatsApp’s community feature could create new good excitement among users. As a result, it will be able to bridge the gap from other apps like Telegram and Signal. Because if you think back to the beginning of this year, you’ll notice how confused WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was for users. That’s why Telegram got 70 users then.

The WABetaInfo post further mentions that this feature is now being developed for Android and iOS. This feature will be added to WhatsApp Beta, so nothing can be said about the interface before it is officially released. Because these can also change on the basis of research.

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