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The Wall Street Journal says Apple is bringing a feature to the iPhone to detect car accidents.

Apple is one of the most popular premium brands in the world. Apple always tries to come up with new updates for their users. In continuation of this, Apple is working on a new feature that will have the ability to understand whether a car accident has occurred.

When the feature realizes that the car accident has occurred. Then the feature will notify emergency helplines. According to the current journal, this feature may be added in the coming year.

Let’s look at the effectiveness of this feature through an example. When a car accident occurs the phone will ask the user if it will call the emergency helpline. If the user says yes, the phone will call all support services including location. Even if the phone does not get any response after asking the user, the phone will be able to actively call all the emergency numbers.

However, if we are familiar with the Google Pixel phone, we will hear that Google already added such a feature to the Google Pixel phone 2 years ago. That feature includes calling the helpline to help identify a car accident.

This feature is a lot like Subaru, Fiat Chrysler’s Unconnect, and GM’s OnStar, which we see in modern vehicles. But not all cars are connected to these convents yet. That’s why many more drivers and passengers will get this benefit if Apple can launch the car crash feature perfectly. However, in this case, you must have an iPhone in your pocket or an Apple Watch in your hand.

Many people are saying that it is a rumor about the new car crash feature. The argument behind them is that Apple has tried to introduce such a feature before but failed to give good performance.

However, it seems to me that Apple will be able to fully launch the car crash feature. Because most of the parts of this feature are now in the market and also giving good service. So I hope this time it will not be like before. Apple will be able to add the car crash feature to the iPhone and Apple Watch in the perfect way.

So we’re all waiting for another great feature from Apple, and hopefully, the Car Crash feature is also going to add something new to the technology.

Shuhel Ahmed
It's Not That We use Technology We live Technology.

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