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Unable To Charge Battery Temperature Too Low – What Does It Mean?

Your phone may give a warning that “Unable To Charge Battery Temperature Too Low.” Did your phone have this problem or show this warning? For many reasons, you may be unable to charge the device’s battery. So there is nothing to fear, this problem can be solved.

Currently, we are all smartphone users. Smartphones have a lot of heavy features and the most important thing to support the features is the battery. The battery stays active both when we use the phone or we don’t due to too many advanced features.

For this reason, it’s important to take care of the battery. If you are warned about the high or low battery temperature of your phone, you should know what causes this problem. Then if you are aware of these issues, essentially you no longer have to deal with the complex problems caused by the battery.

Unable To Charge Battery Temperature Too Low – What Does It Mean?

The low battery temperature issue is not just for phone batteries, also for laptops or other devices. Battery temperature low or high is a complex problem, not everyone clearly understands it. That’s why some common questions revolve in everyones’ mind.

Below are some of the questions and answers in your mind, read it now, then you will understand everything about the problem better.

What happens when the phone battery temperature is too low?

Each phone has a sensor through which it can measure ambient temperature. Because every phone or device has a certain heat capacity. If this particular temperature is low or high, there can be many problems with the phone.

Which temperature is bad for the battery?

Your phone isn’t designed to freeze temperatures below 32 degrees. If your phone is below 32 degrees Celsius, your phone may shut down or lose charge quickly. The normal temperature of all phones is 37-43 degrees Celsius or 98.6-109.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The battery life of a lithium iron cell begins to decrease when the temperature rises above 60 degrees. But an explosion can occur if the temperature rises above 120 degrees.

Does the battery work in hot or cold?

Too hot or too cold is not good for batteries. If it is in a very cold environment, the battery is likely to freeze, which will damage the battery. The battery explodes at excessive temperatures.

It’s best to use batteries close to room temperature so that they last as long as possible.

If you already have this problem then there are some ways to solve it you can try. But in most cases, you can fare big losses. So I would suggest being careful before there is a problem. Below are some possible reasons why the battery temperature is too low.

Charging failure may actually be due to low Temperatures

This can be a problem in a very cold environment because low-degree temperatures can disrupt the charging process of your phone. So leave your phone in a warm environment for a while then try to charge and see if the problem still exists.

This can also be a problem in high-degree temperature environments. So in this case do the opposite and see if the problem is solved.

Clean the charging port of the phone

If there is dirt or debris in the charging port of the phone, it can cause a charging problem. So you can clean the charger port well.

Again you can try using a different charger cord and charger. Because this problem can also be for the charger, it is better to try using another charger to clear the suspicion.

Your phone’s temperature sensor may be defective

All smartphones have temperature sensors, which are capable of ambient temperature. If this sensor is faulty, then it may fail to understand the actual temperature degree of the environment. As a result, your phone’s temperature signal may be low or high.

Your phone might be wet

If your phone is not waterproof and if it gets wet, then this problem is much more likely. Because without waterproofing, if the phone gets a little wet, it can cause many problems. So if the phone ever gets wet, dry it well to see if it’s charging.

Your phone’s battery may be faulty

There may be a problem with your phone’s battery, this problem occurs if there is a problem with the battery. If you have a way to change the battery in your phone, you can test it by inserting the battery in someone else’s phone. 

How to Fix Battery Temperature Too Low Problem?

If you have this problem immediately after purchase, return it and bring another device. If you look after a long time and if your phone is still under warranty coverage, then will try to solve this problem or give a new device.

But if your phone is out of warranty coverage, you can try disconnecting the phone or have a professional do it. Because you can’t solve it without a professional.

In the initial stage, if there is a way to open the battery of your phone, you can open it and try it again for a while. I say, again and again, be careful about these things in the battery, then you don’t have to face many more problems with it.

So next time if your phone says “unable to charge battery temperature too low”, you do not need to panic, and take proper actions.


The touch of the technology revolution is now everywhere. It has made many complex tasks of our daily life easier. Smartphones in particular are now the most essential thing for all of us.

The smartphone has many features that the most important part to keep them running is the battery. So you should be aware of various issues with the battery and then you won’t have to deal with complicated battery issues.

Currently, battery temperature too low is a complex and common problem, which I have described above. If you have this warning message on your phone, then read the above carefully, and hopefully, you will know everything.

I would suggest, be careful before this problem occurs. So read the warnings described above carefully.

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