How To Create Side-By-Side Photos? Top Suggestions

How To Create Side-By-Side Photos

Create Side-by-side photos that help you to combine multiple images into a single photo collage. An ideal way to share photos, comparisons, and photo collages before and after on your blog or websites to show two or more pictures.

Now side-by-side photos are required in many cases and the need for them grows day by day. It’s being used a lot, especially in business. Because there is no better way to compare product performance than this.

In the past, you had to use Photoshop to add side-by-side, but now many mobile apps have made this task much easier. The user interface(UI) of these apps is very simple and user-friendly, that’s why anyone can easily add side-by-side photos.

How To Create Side-By-Side Photos?

There are many good apps available for keeping two or more pictures side by side. But the only problem is that you don’t know which one is suitable for you. So look below, there is currently a list of the most used and well-rated applications.

Best Side By Side Photo Editing Apps:

● PicsArt
● Collage Maker
● Photo Grid
● Moldiv
● Split Pic
● BlendPic
● LiveCollage
● PicPlayPost
● Pic Collage

These apps are most used and highly rated, you can easily make side-by-side photos using anyone. In these apps, you will get many other features, all of which can be very useful.

Below are descriptions of these apps and ways of working, which will help you understand which app is perfect for your task.


PicsArt is a very popular and widely used application and over 150 million downloads on Google Play Store. This app will help you a lot to create professional side-by-side photos.

It has lots of layouts, many categories of HDR filters, templates, AI style effects, background change or coloring, drawing tools, frames, grids, and much more for creating professional colleges.

With this app, other aspects of photo editing can be done professionally. In this app, you will find all the tools you need for professional photo and video editing.

For this reason, it allows you to edit cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation, effects, blending, and so on for each image. That’s why it’s possible to bring a professional look in collage images.

Collage Maker

Collage Maker is a very popular and widely used app. This allows you to create side-by-side photos very easily. You can create a collage by adding a maximum of 15 images together in this app and can change images until you save it.

This application offers more than 100 layouts, stickers, text, filters, and background colors/ patterns. After making collages, you have the option to share them on various social media.

Photo Grid

The Photo Grid is the highest in the Play Store for downloads, its can apps are downloaded more than 100 million times. With this app, you can create collage photos at any time. It offers many traditional grid designs and various filters.

This app has some special features like removing objects from other images, creating stickers and so on which has taken this app to another level. Many more features of this app. Such as drawing your collage, coloring manual collage, adding border grad, changing the background, adding watermarks, and so on.


Collages usually combine images to convey a message or narrative, magazine page, or greeting card design. But Moldiv admits that each picture tells its own story. You can perfect your photo elements before you start loading them into hundreds of Moldiv frames and magazine covers and layouts.  

This app offers a complete toolbox with adding color, exposure, vibration, chrome, filters, and so on. These can be used differently for each image. As a result, each image will be multiple by its own quality.

However, not everything on this app is free, you will have to pay separately for each filter and sticker. But the full package can be purchased for $14.99.

Split Pic

Split Pic is a great photo editing app especially for blending. By using this app you can create many standard collage photos. Split Pic app offers many layouts with professional filters.

Its special feature is transparency, which makes the images look really artistic and atmospheric. The application gives you a simple Instagram share, it offers to explore the best accounts with images merged into profiles.


LIveCollage photo editor app is well known and popular with Instagram users. Because this app was originally developed for the convenience of Instagram users. But the next update is now being used in all classes. So right now it’s a great app.

LiveCollage offers over 5000 layouts. That allow you to combine up to 16 photos at once. There are lots of filters snd stickers to make the photo more gorgeous. After making collages, you have the option to share them on various social media.


The BlendPic is a collage maker app, it’s a powerful app. This app makes instant blending photos for men and women, which is great. This app offers 18 blending styles., each of which is much more interesting. It creates an eye-catching collage for your stories, wedding, party, anniversary, friends, and so on

The output image that you will get after creating the collage is HD quality. There is an option if you need to change the color of your photo. If you want to get the artist in a picture of two pictures, then this app is for you, because its output images look amazing being natural.


If you have less idea about making collage photos, then this app only is for you. Because PicplayPost is able to give automatic professional side-by-side photos.

Just select the images you want to make collage pictures, then apps will show you collage pictures with various designs. Now if you select the design that you will like, you will see that your collage picture has been made.

Pic Collage

If you are just looking for a side-by-side image app, then the Pic Collage photo editor app is for you. In this app, you can create collage photos in many categories, such as love, baby, wedding, family, daily life, congrats, birthday, and so on.

You can want to use stickers in college. Then you can also get many types of stickers for free and after creating the collage, you can share them on various social media


Above is a detailed discussion of how to create side-by-side photos. If you need to create side-by-side pictures, read the descriptions above. Then there will be no more issues in this regard and you can easily create side-by-side photos.

I suggested using apps to create side-by-side photos and suggested some apps with descriptions. These apps have made photo editing much easier. Because previously photo editing can only be done by a professional.

So read the above descriptions carefully and choose the right app for you. I would recommend choosing an app that has more features. Then you can do a lot more professional work as well as side-by-side pictures.



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