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How to install android on iPad 1? Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to install Android on an iPad 1? iPad 1 is the first series of tablets made by Apple Inc. which was released in 2010. The first-generation iPad came up with an Apple A4 chipset.  It is a 1 GHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, and a PowerVR SGX535 GPU.

By default, iPad 1 runs on Apple’s iOS operating system which is completely different from Android Operating System. Also, their hardware is physically different, so Android will never be run as fluently as iOS on iPad.

iOS runs on iPad so smoothly but while you going to use android on iPad will face several glitches. But still, if you want to install android on iPad 1, there is a way. You can do it through Jailbreak.

How to install android on iPad 1?


Jailbreak gives you the freedom to do whatever you like to do with your iOS device. It allows you to change what you want and operate. Moreover you can unlock  the true power of your iDevice. Basically jailbreaking gives you a privilege. It allows Apple device to remove software restrictions imposed by Apple on iOS and another OS.

Is jailbreaking legal?

Jailbreaking is not illegal at all. It has its own purpose. It can be used for various purposes like learning, experiment, etc. Laws are also different area-wise but there is no law where it claims jailbreaking is directly a crime or illegal.

Is jailbreaking safe?

Jailbreaking is completely safe. Because by jailbreaking you throw out Apple’s dedication to security. So anything bad occurs to your phone Apple is not responsible for it. And you may face security vulnerabilities, Virus attacks, Glitches, Battery drain, etc.

The installation process requires some apps and an OS are given below:

♦ Installous
♦ RealVNC
♦ VirtualBox
♦ Android 4.0 OS

1. Install Installous

The first thing you need to do is get the Installous from Cydia. Installous can search for jailbroken applications on Cydia. When a user gets an application that he/she likes, the user can freely download that application and install it on his/her Apple device.

2. Install RealVNC

Search for the app called RealVNC in Cydia, select the app and then install it. With this app, you can track your phone and also access it remotely. You will be connected to your computer through this app no matter where you are.

3. Connect to VNC server

To get connected with your phone access it remotely, you have to connect with a VNC server. After downloading the RealVNC app, you need to look for the VNC server. After locating the server, install it suitably on your system.

4. VirtualBox

Now you will need a VirtualBox. VirtualBox can display remote virtual machines. That means a virtual machine can execute on a computer. The machine will be displayed on a second computer and it will be controlled from there.

If you don’t have a VirtualBox, open any browser you already have and “https://www.virtualbox.org/” put this on the address bar. And download the correct version suitable for your computer. Or you can download any other VirtualBox if you want.

5. Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Operating System

Now you will need an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system. Make a quick Google search for “Android 4.0” and download the correct version.

6. Setup iOS on VirtualBox

*On the VirtualBox, select the option NEW, which will help you to install the new operating system.
*This newly installed operating system needs to be booted. If a message about not booting gets displayed, then you will have to mount a cd/DVD image in the devices tab.
*Just select the iOS downloaded by you before.
*Access the RealVNC, there you need to apply the UltraVNC server details to complete the setup. Select the full-screen mode to enlarge the VirtualBox to the maximum screen size.
*Lastly, run the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system on your system.


Back in 2012 Android version, 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) was able to install on iPad through jailbreaking. But letter-on Apple locks their hardware down. And the hardware is also physically different between Apple and Android.

So right now you can’t install android on iPad 1. However, Apple’s iOS is one of the best-operating systems. You can update for a better experience.

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