WhatsApp users may soon be able to transfer chats from android phones to iPhones

transfer chats from android phones to iPhones

Meta-owned WhatsApp is going to come up with a new feature soon. With this new feature, users can easily transfer chats from android phones to iPhones.

However, the feature is currently available on Samsung and Google Pixel devices, but WhatsApp is trying to make the feature available to all Android devices soon. The feature has been available in these two brands since last October.

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is working on an “Import Chat History” feature that allows Android users to back up all their iPhone chatting history. In this case, Android phones need to be connected to the iPhone, which requires a Lightning USB Type-C cable.

You will also need a Move app for the migration process, which must be present on the Android phone.

transfer chats from android phones to iPhones

However, this feature update of Whatapp seems very good to me and I hope all the users of WhatsApp will like it a lot. So if for some reason you need to switch from iPhone to Android now, no worries, you can transfer your WhatsApp settings, group chats, photos, and account information.

However, let’s take a look at how you can transfer WhatsApp data from your iPhone to your Samsung phone. First I will show you what things will be needed for this process.

● Samsung SmartSwitch app version must be or higher.
● iOS version must be a minimum of
● Must be Android version or higher
● Must have USB-C to Lightning cable
● Both devices must have the same phone number
● The new device needs to be factory reset.

Now I will show you how you can transfer chats from android phones to iPhones.

Step 1: First you have to turn on the Android phone and then connect it to the iPhone.
Step 2: Now you have to follow the Samsung Smart Switch experiences.
Step 3: Now scan the displayed QR Code.
Step 4: Then open your iPhone and wait until the process is complete.
Step 5: Continue setting up your android device.
Step 6: Now after reaching the home screen, open WhatsApp and log in with the same phone number.
Step 7: Now allow the process to complete
Step 8: Shortly after your new device is activated, you’ll be able to view your own chat history.



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