iOS 15.2.1 Fixes Some Important Bugs On iPhone

ios 15 update

If you are an iPhone user, you may know that the last update of iOS was a real mess. So many of us have been waiting for the next big iOS update that can solve the major issues of iOS 15.2. So Apple just released the newer iOS version. That is iOS 15.2.1. The iOS 15.2.1 fixes some important bugs on iPhones that are running on iOS 15.2.

It’s a large update which is 800MB. If you read the what’s new or bugs that fixed portions you know there are some little fixes they are talking about. They are like fixing bugs in Massages, Carplay, and HomeKit. Obviously, they fixed the problems and updated the security patch.

The problem with the Massage app was when you send a photo as an iCloud link, it doesn’t show properly. It is completely fixed now. HomeKit got a new security patch. Now it doesn’t crash unexpectedly. The main issue that bothered me a lot is the battery backup. 

When I updated my system to iOS 15.2, There were some other problems like lags, app crashes, unresponsive touch, etc. Now let’s come to the main point. So does iOS 15.2.1 overcome all these bugs? The answer is yes. It does.

After updating to iOS 15.2.1 you will notice some real improvements. Most importantly the quick discharge issue is fixed. Besides that, the performance is way better than the previous version. The lagging while swiping is fixed. And now the screen responds to every touch correctly.

Usually after locking and unlocking once solved the touch problem. Now it is permanently fixed. There was another big problem that occurred while connecting with the Apple Watch. That’s also gone now. 

The new update came like a blessing for iPhone users. So iOS 15.2.1 fixes some important bugs on iPhones that were really needed.



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