All iPhone 14 Models Will Come With A 120Hz Display & 6GB of RAM

iphone 14 leaks

Leaks about iPhone 14 are hovering everywhere. A very recent iPhone 14 leak reveals that all iPhone 14 models will come with a 120Hz display and 6 gigs of RAM. Surely there is no chance to physically hold one before September this year.

But it has happened many times that previously revealed leaks actually came true. This leak came from a very dependable source. You may know that a 120Hz pro-motion display is already included in the iPhone 13 lineup. But not all iPhone 13 got this feature.

Only the two big boys got this promotion display: iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max. However, in iPhone 14, every iPhone model will get a 120Hz promotion display. As we are talking a lot about the promotion display, you should know about it.

These are real specialized displays that can change the refresh rate automatically as you need. It can decide to choose between apps where to increase and decrease the refresh rate to save power.

The 120Hz refresh rate is not the only new addition in all iPhone 14 models. All iPhone 14 models will include 6 gigs of RAM. Apparently, all the smaller iPhone variants will also get 6GB RAM instead of 4GB. 

There are some changes in the model name as well. It is rumored that the iPhone 14 models will be named iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. You know Apple brings big updates very rarely. But different sources say that the new Apple iPhone 14 will contain a 48-megapixel camera.

You may have remembered that we previously talked about a hole-punch camera iPhone 14. Not sure but there are similar changes to see a square-shaped notch in the middle. There can be other big changes in iPhone 14. 

We just can hope for some real noticeable updates in this year’s biggest flagship. But it’s very possible that all iPhone 14 models will come with a 120Hz display.



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