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macOS 12.2 Is Getting A Better Apple Music App – Wondering Why?

After introducing macOS Catalina in 2019, Apple ended the iTunes rule by splitting its features into dedicated podcasts, TVs, and music apps. But the only problem was that the music app was just like iTunes, there was no difference.

The good news is that Apple developers have recently tested a version of macOS 12.2, so they’ve found a solution. But, the iTunes-ish parts are the same in this version. But don’t worry, the TV app can now have a native app view instead of web views.

This will result in many advantages, such as everything will run faster than before and can be used interactively at the same time.  Moreover, streaming, searching, scrolling a lot has changed.

macOS 12.2 Is Getting A Better Apple Music App

However, a beta version has just been released, so anyone can install it. But if you have a new MacBook, you will notice some more advanced promotions. Looming Yin was the first to tweet about the beta version. However, many people like that the beta version is working perfectly.

Now, let’s see which devices you can install macOS 12.2 beta on.

● Mac Mini (2015 edition and all subsequent)

● Mac Pro (2013 edition and all subsequent)

● iMac (2015 edition and all subsequent)

● iMac Pro (2017 edition and all subsequent)

● MacBook (2016 edition and all subsequent)

● MacBook Pro (2015 edition and all subsequent)

● MacBook Air (2015 edition and all subsequent)

However, you need to back up the data before installing it. Also, make sure that your device has 20 GB of free storage. You can do this in another way, in which case you need to create a drive partition. Later you can open the new partition, and when the work is done, you can boot the partition again.

However, if you install the beta version on your main machine, you may encounter bugs such as abnormal battery loss and incompatibility.

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