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Amazon Appstore update is supposed to fix issues with Android 12

Finally, Amazon has brought an update to the App Store. This update was much needed from the Amazon App Store, as the Amazon App Store has been failing to function properly since installing Android 12.

Apparently, apps previously downloaded from the Amazon App Store are not working properly. But these problems were not the same for all users.

That’s why Amazon has come up with this new Amazon Appstore update. It is assumed that compatibility between the built-in DRM and the operating system is causing problems.

On Friday,  a company official spoke about the issues and expressed regret for these issues. But he didn’t give a clear idea about the exact cause of these issues.

This issue first comes to the attention of the Amazon Support Forum, then they reveal the issue. Amazon’s Technology League has released an update that means that once the update is installed, users must first sign out, and then sign in to the App Store.

Amazon’s Appstore update

Then another thing you have to do is open the Amazon app store and enter my apps option. Then you have to update your current apps from here.

However, this solution does not seem to work for everyone. Because, in the App Store, there are still some issues with this update, some forum users say they are still seeing something. Users will receive new updates once the applications have been updated from the Amazon Appstore.

Moreover, some different users have complained that all their apps are not yet displayed in the Amazon app store and they are facing some more problems.

But, it seems to me that the Amazon Appstore update has just been released, so these issues are still visible. So I hope that gradually the issues will be resolved for all users. That’s why we have to wait a few more days for these problems to be fully resolved.

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