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Why Is My iMessage Not Working For One Contact? Solved

Is your iMessage not working for one contact? Here you are going to get the proper solution. iMessage is the easiest way to communicate among Apple devices. Not only easy but also the safest messaging system for iPhone users.

It is a built-in software for every iPhone and you can send texts, videos, documents, contact information over Wi-Fi or mobile data. That’s why iMessage is one of the most useful features.

You may know that iMessage is developed by Apple and it provides end-to-end encrypted messages. So it never allows messages to unknown devices. There can be many reasons why your iMessage is not working for certain contacts.

So now we are going to explain every possible solution to fix this issue of your iMessage.

Here are the possible issues and fixes for iMessage not working for one contact:

This error is not rare. You are not the only person facing this issue. So do not freak out and try the simple fixes given below.

The contact may be using a non iOS device:

You already know that iMessage only works on iOS and Mac devices. You can not send iMessage to any Android or other operating system running devices. If you try to send iMessage to other operating systems, your text will be converted to regular cellular SMS and may charge from your account.

There is an easy sign that helps you to detect whether you are sending to an iOS user or not. You may have noticed that the texts that are successfully delivered through iMessage are always blue-colored. On the other hand, your normal SMS texts are in green color.

If your iMessage texts are turning green, It indicates the person you are writing is using a non iOS device. So it is not using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Instead, the text is directly charging from your mobile balance.

Sign out from your Apple ID and sign in again:

It can be a common bug. So you can fix it by signing out from your Apple ID. Most of the time this easy technique works.

First, you have to open settings and click on messages. Inside messages, you will find the send and receive option. You need to open this and at the top, you will see the Apple ID (Your Apple ID). Now click on your Apple ID and sign yourself out from here.

After signing out you have to sign in again with your Apple ID. Make sure the phone number showing in the send and receive option is yours and correct. You have to delete his/her threads from your phone and the person needs to delete your threads from his/her phone.

Once you have finished the process, try to send iMessage to that certain Apple device and check if it works or not. If there is any simple bug, this method will solve your problem.

Make sure your Wi-Fi or cellular data is working properly:

You know that iMessage works over Wi-Fi or mobile data. So you need to check whether your internet is working properly or not. Use another device on the same Wi-Fi to check your network stability. It is necessary to examine your network before you try the other fixes.

Restart your phone:

Sometimes rebooting your phone can fix little bugs and issues. Your device may need some rest. So take a moment to reboot your phone and try to send your text again. As we are including every possible solution, trying a quick restart can be worthy.

Check the Contact is not blocked:

You can not send any iMessage if you have blocked the contact. If your iMessage is not working for a certain number then there is a high probability that the contact is blocked from your phone. You might not block him by yourself. But if you have kids around and they often play with your phone then it can happen accidentally.

In this case, you have to unblock the number.  For unblocking open settings and then messages. Inside the messages, you will see the block list option. If the number is in your block list then Unblock the number and try now. This time your iMessage will be delivered without any interruption.

If you do not see the number in your block list then the person using the number could have blocked you. So you should make a call and tell him/her to check his/her block list. Often such accidents happen. As our smartphone screen is very sensitive, it can be a slip of touch which is responsible for all your troubles.

As soon as the person unblocks your number, you can immediately start a text conversion with each other.

Some extra fixes

If you tried all the above methods and still your iMessage is not working for one contact then here are some other reasons and fixes. Before trying these make sure you are not blocked from the other side.

1.The person should turn on iMessage on his/her phone.
2.Check and fix the date and time on your phone. (if needed)
3.Check your device storage and you have enough free space for new messages.
4.Update your iOS. (if needed)
5.Try a factory reset.

Still, facing the same issue? Then it’s time to contact Apple support and let them know about your issues. Unfortunately, you have to wait until they find out the technical problem and fix it.

Final words

Currently, you will find a lot of popular messaging apps in your app store. But back then in 2011 when Apple introduced us with iMessage, there were only a few messaging apps available. So people who are using iMessage for a long time, find it very annoying when a regular text is not delivered properly.

Hopefully, after reading the above information you have successfully found out the reason why your iMessage is not working for one specific contact. If you are clear then the error could have occurred from their end. In this case, you can simply make a call and tell the person to check out his/her device.

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