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How To Bypass Qustodio On Android? Easiest Methods

Do you want to bypass Qustodio on your android phone? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, you are going to know everything about Qustodio and How To Bypass Qustodio On Android.

It is a parental control and digital wellbeing application that provides an all-in-one monitoring service. It keeps you safe from inappropriate apps and content. Your guardians are the administrator of this app and they can set the boundaries for your good.

If you are tired of being monitored every time and want to get access to every feature of your phone then you need to get rid of Qustodio. It’s not that easy at all because this one is a smart application. But don’t worry, we will help to get the job done.

How to bypass Qustodio on Android?

There are two methods to bypass Qustodio on your android device. It is important to remember that you are going to uninstall this app from your phone. As this app sends emails to your parent’s address, they are going to know that something is wrong with your device. So be prepared for this situation.

Let’s move on and show you the two ways to bypass:

Method 1

When you tap and hold on the app icon you will see a remove or uninstall option appear on the top of your device. You will see this on every android phone. Now take the floating app icon to the uninstall option and check if it works or not. Probably it will not work. Some pop up will ask for the administrator’s permission. Wait, it’s not the main part.

Now you have to follow the steps given below:

Step 1- Hold the power button until the shutdown or restart option appears.
Step 2- Click on power off or shut down.
Step 3- After the phone turns off, wait for a few moments.
Step 4- Now press the power button and turn on your phone. This is the time then you need to respond quickly.
Step 5- When the phone turns on immediately, tap and hold the Qustodio app and drop it to the uninstall option. If you make it quick before the app loads all data after the restart, you can uninstall the app before the pop-up loads itself.

If this trick does not work for the first time you can try it again. Don’t worry. Often it takes more than one time to work properly. In case you fail, we have another method for you.

Method 2

It’s time to use your boot menu for uninstalling Qustodio. Most of the android phone’s boot menu appears when the power button and volume up button are pressed together. It is also called safe mode. In some cases, this safe mode setup can be different. You need to find out which two buttons take you to a safe mood.

Follow the steps properly to make it work:

Step 1- First hold the power button and shut down your phone.
Step 2- After the phone shuts down completely take a moment. Now hold the power button and volume up button at the same time to open a safe mood. If this two-button combination does not work you can try by holding the volume up and down button together.
Step 3- Once you get access to the safe mode scroll down with the volume down button and search for the settings option.
Step 4- Now select settings and open apps.
Step 5- Here you will see Qustodio. Uninstall Qustodio from here. You will find a delete option here. Do not press the delete option.

After uninstalling, restart the phone and you are free now. But don’t be so happy. As soon as your parents notice there is an issue with Qustodio, you have to explain everything. This may take your phone away.

After uninstalling, restart the phone and you are free now. But don’t be so happy. As soon as your parents notice there is an issue with Qustodio, you have to explain everything. This may take your phone away.

Bypassing Qustodio doesn’t take a long time. The process is also easy. But before we start you need to know what Qustodio is and why it is so important for you. Everything you should consider before messing with this app is included below.

What is Qustodio?

As I have already informed you, this app is for tracking your device activity set by your parents. It is one of the best parenting apps available today. Your parents can assign your daily screen on time. App monitoring, app blocking, family locator, adult content blocker all these useful tools are available in this app.

Let’s take a look at the important features of this app:

1. Automatically blocks the device after the pre-assigned screen on time ends.
2. Track and control your website activities including games, gambling, and adult content filter.
3. Track your phone’s location and send it to your parents.

Can you bypass Qustodio?

Yes, it is possible. But you can not directly uninstall it from your phone in a regular way. You should know that Qustodio is not a single app. The Qustodio parental control app is installed on your parent’s device and the Qustodio kids’ companion app is on your device. These apps work together to manage your activity.

Does uninstalling Qustodio need the administrator’s permission?

Whenever you try to uninstall the app from your device, you will see a pop-up asking for the administrator’s permission. Obviously, the administrator is your parents. They have a particular user id and password.

So you need this user id and password to uninstall the app. It’s a silly idea to ask for this information. Surely your parents are not going to reveal it. 

Here we have some great tricks to bypass Qustodio without the user id and password. For this, you need to be fast. Yes, we know you are clever and fast.

What happens if you uninstall Qustodio?

Uninstalling the kid’s app from your device will not delete your data from the portal. It only happens if you delete or close your account. As you do not have any login details, only your parents can delete the Qustodio account. Once deleted, you can freely browse all websites without restriction.

Final words

Bypassing Qustodio is not a proper solution. Anytime your guardian will know about it and they will freak out. Your parents do everything only for your good. So you need to keep in mind that there must be some reasons why they restricted your device usage.

Nowadays the internet world is full of harmful content. Not only content but also there are a ton of spammers around the internet. They are always waiting to trick you and make a profit. That’s why Qustodio is important. It does the job properly and keeps you safe from all kinds of inappropriate things.

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