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How Much Data Does Discord App Use? You Didn’t Know Before

Nowadays, The Discord app is very popular and its popularity is growing. If we take a look at this Play Store rating review, we can see that it has a rating of 4.5 and there are a lot of reviews.

Moreover, the Discord application has been downloaded more than 100 minion times so far. From this information, this is one of the best and most widely used communication apps.

The Discord app has all the update features required for a communications application, which is why this app uses a considerable amount of internet data. But, there is no official announcement on how much data does discord app use.

How Much Data Does Discord App Use?

Although the official disclosure of the app does not say anything about data usage, there are many ways to find out the data usage of any application. There are many tools available to help you easily understand how an application is consuming data.

One of these tools is Glassware, I will show you how to use Discord application data with Glassware. Since the Discord app contains voice, video, and text communication systems, I will test them separately at specific times.

How Much Data Does Discord Use Per Minute?

First of all, we will see how much data is required for a one-minute voice call of the Discord app. Everyone has to check the initial data before the test starts, I had 430kb. 

When I open this app and make a voice call for 1 minute, the amount of data consumed increases by 100 KB. So this is the data spent on voice calls per minute of the Discord app.

Now let’s check in case of a video call for one minute. This time initial data is 590kb, after the one-minute video calls its data increases. After a minute of video calling, then its consumed data amount becomes about 5 MB.

How Much Data Discord Use in One Hour?

We already know How Much Data Does Discord App Use per minute for voice calls and video calls. So we can easily find out for an hour through mathematical calculations.

But if you want you can test for one hour separately, I hope the result will be the same.  Because already I tested one hour for voice and video calls and got the same result.

In this case, the initial data was 5.5 MB, then after one hour of a voice call, it increased to 6.5MB. So, the Discord app consumes 6 MB of data per hour for voice calls.

Then when I started testing video calls, the initial reading of the Glassware app was 11MB. Then after 1 hour of a video call, the reading in the Glassware app increased to 345Mb. This means that if you make a 1-hour video call, the Discord app costs around 340 MB.

How much data does Discord app users use for text chatting?

Text chatting costs much less data than voice chatting and video chatting. However, approximately 3 KB for sending a message and 1.5 KB for uploading data costs.

How Much Data Does Discord App Use

How much data does Discord app users use for text chatting?

Above we have seen through the Glassware app how much data the Discord app consumes. But if you want, you can find out the amount of data cost of the discord app through the default setting of the phone or PC. Let’s see how you can find out the data cost of the Discord app through mobile and PC.


Step 1: Go to settings
Step 2: Find out the Apps option
Step 3: Click on Manage apps
Step 4: Now, you can see all installed apps
Step 5: Now find out Discord app
Step 6: Click on the discord app
Step 7: Now select Data Usage
Step 8: Here you can see the history of a particular period through a graph.


Step 1: Firstly, go to settings
Step 2: Then enter the Cellular option
Step 3: Now after scrolling down a bit, you can see the list of apps with the toggle switch on the right.
Step 4: Here you can see the details of all the apps installed on your iPhone.


Step 1: Firstly go to Settings
Step 2: There you can see Network & Internet, now click on Network & Internet
Step 3: Find out the Data usage option and click on
Step 4: Finally, Click on Usage Details, there open all applications list. In addition, it will show how much data is spent next to each application.


Step 1: Got to Activity Monitor
Step 2: Now click on Network
Step 3: Then you can see the current data usages of each app.

How To Reduce The Data Cost Of The Discord App?

Above we see in different ways how much data the Discord app uses for different features. After using these methods, if you feel that the Discard app you are using is consuming a lot of data, don’t worry. Now I will see how to reduce the data cost of the Discord app. So let’s start.

Ways To Reduce The Data Cost Of The Discord App:

Step 1: Open the Discord App
Step 2: Enter User Settings
Step 3: Click on Text & Images
Step 4: Now disable When posted as links to chat option
Step 5: Disable When uploaded to Discord
Step 6: Enable Image compression
Step 7: Disable Show website preview info links posted in chat
Step 8: Now tap on Notifications
Step 9: Then disable System Notifications
Step 10: Again go to Accessibility
Step 11: Enter Stickers and select Never Animate.

Final Words

Currently, there are lots of apps on the market for supporting almost all types of work. That’s why we use many apps on the phone to facilitate our daily work.

So I think you and all users need to know how much data they are spending while using these apps. Because then it will be easier for all to use applications.

In the Discord app, I’ve shown you how to figure out How Much Data Does Discord App use. So I have shown you how much data is spent on message chatting, audio chatting, and video chatting on Discord Apps.

The processes I have discussed apply to other apps as well. So by following the above methods you can now find out How Much Data Does Discord App Use on your phone.

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