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The Best VPN App For iPhone That You Must Try

Choose The Best Quality VPN For Your iPhone Right Now

Do you need a virtual private network or VPN services? No worries, here I  will talk about which is the best VPN app for iPhone. There are a lot of VPN applications in the Apple App Store now, this is why many people are confused about which one to use.

iPhone’s operating system iOS also contains a very good security system. That’s why many users are confused about whether VPN apps are needed or not. But, I have a question for all iPhone users, do you use public Wi-fi sometimes? I hope all user’s answers are yes.

This is just one example, there are many reasons to use VPN services on iPhone devices. If we take a closer look, we will see that VPN usage is increasing day by day. The main reason is that now people store all their important information on the phone.

Especially now almost all official work is done by phone, that’s why official’s information is stored in cloud storage, like dropbox, google drive, Mega io, and so on.

Moreover, all banking systems are now used by people over the phone, so the important information of the account is also on the phone, which is important to be secure.

However, here, I will mention the best VPN app for iPhone with descriptions. I will also talk about other issues related to the use of VPN services, so stay tuned.

Best VPN App For iPhone

The VPN means Virtual Private Network. The main function of a VPN is to secure the device with various connections to the Internet. Now VPN apps have become much stronger, so they are able to offer many more benefits. VPN apps allow many websites to be visited through servers in different regions, resulting in many advanced features.

Express VPN app is definitely the best vpn app for iPhone. Because this app has designed its security system with emphasis on iOS. You can download the app through TechAlarm, in which case you will get many extra benefits.

The NordVPN app is the most popular name in the VPN world. So it is only natural that NordVPN will provide the best VPN service for iPhone. So undoubtedly you can select the NordVPN app for your iPhone.

For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on VPN services, the Surfshark VPN app may be the best choice. Because Surfshark VPN always tries to sort the packages on a small budget.

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Best VPN App For iPhone

Surf Shark

App Store Rating


Number of countries: 65

Number of servers: 3200+

Max simultaneous connection: 10 Unlimited Streaming Platform: Hulu, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon, Youtube



One  Month $12.95/mth

Six Months $6.49/mth

One Year $2.21/mth

If anyone is looking for a low-cost premium VPN service, I would definitely suggest Surfshark VPN for them. Yes, this VPN app offers the best security features I’ve ever seen at a low cost.


The Surfshark VPN app has started its monthly package service from just $2.25. The Surfshark VPN app is gaining more popularity day by day as it has got all the necessary features in this amazing budget.


But, I think the most eye-catching offer of this app is the unlimited device connection facility. It means that no matter how many devices you have in your home, it can be 10 or 100, it doesn’t matter. You can connect all these devices to the same account with the same accounts.


Moreover, this app is able to provide all the securities like Perfect Identity Protection, good quality encryption service, public WIFI security, no-logs policy, banking security, and so on.


However, I would like to say that if you do not want to spend a lot of money on VPN service and want to take advantage of advanced features at a low cost, then the Surfshark VPN app should be your choice.


Value For Cost
Unlimited Connections
30 days money-back guarantee
24/7 customer services


Connection speed is a little slower on the competitors

Express VPN

App Store Rating

Available Countries: 94
Servers: 3,000+
Max simultaneous connection: 5


One Month $12.95
Six Months $9.99/mth
Twelfth month $12.95/mth

Express VPN is a very popular and widely used VPN. Because this VPN offers all kinds of advanced service features at the same time. The user interface of this app is also very user-friendly so anyone can use it easily.

The express VPN app offers 3000 Plus servers in more than 94 countries, so there is no problem for users to get connectivity from any location. If you look at the encryption system of Express VPN, then you will see that it has used the most standard encryption.

Moreover, it has all the advanced security features including a kill switch, split tunneling, and so on.

This VPN app has become so popular even for iOS systems, mainly because of the security system and amazing user interface. With such a simple user interface, everyone from basic to advanced users can understand easily.

However, overall Express VPN is a good VPN for all. But this VPN allows to use of the same account on up to 5 devices at the same time, which would have been better if more permissions had been granted. But 5 devices are fine practice.

Although users can connect only five devices at the same time, they can download unlimited apps, which is great. 

Moreover, the authority of this VPN app is 24/7 live chat support, which replies within minutes of receiving the message and they are always obliged to support you in case of any problem.

But there is no reason to worry so much, you are getting a 30-day money-back guarantee. So. If you think that it’s not perfect for you then you can get your money back without any hassle.


24/7 live customer live supports
provides Good streaming services
Simple user interface
Zero-knowledge DNS
30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Maximum connection five


App Store Rating

Number Countries: 59+
Number of servers: 5000+
Max Simultaneous connection: 6
Streaming Supports: Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, Amazon, Youtube


One Month $11.92/mth
One Year $3.29/mth
Two years $3.29

If someone is asked which VPN name you heard first and which VPN service you used first, then I think the answer to both questions would be Norton VPN for everyone. Yes, Norton VPN is so popular that it is the first VPN used by almost all internet users.

However, Norton is not only popular as the first VPN user, but it also provides the highest security features in terms of features. Yes, Norton VPN offers 5000 Plus servers in more than 59 countries, which is why it is able to provide the best connection to the user from anywhere.

Norton VPN uses the highest encryption system for security features, as well as offering the opportunity to use Onion VPN and Double VPN. There are also additional advanced features, such as automatic connection, kill switch, DNS leak.

In terms of streaming, it also perfectly unblocks the highest streaming platforms for VPN users. So even if you are traveling and you don’t carry your laptop with you, then no worries you can still unblock everything directly with your phone.

Norton VPN offers the highest security features for iPhone and Macbook, which is why this VPN has gained so much popularity among iOS users.

However, the biggest advantage is that Norton VPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so I would say try it once, then if you don’t like it, turn off the services and get money back.

Great Security
Great Streaming Facility
Fast Connections

Subscription Cost
Occasionally compressed interface


App Store Rating

Number Of Countries:
Maximum Simultaneous Connections: Unlimited
Streaming Supports: iPlayer and Youtube

One Month $10.99/mth
One year $2.62/mth
Two Years $2.92

IPVanish VPN is one of the oldest VPN services. So, for those who have been using VPN service for a long time, it is a very well-known and favorite VPN service. The IPVanish VPN app is also called a USA-based VPN service, as the most used of this VPN by technology users in the USA.

This application offers users a wide range of security features ranging from automatic connectivity. But current vpn apps provide extra many features as well as security features.

So sadly, in the case of streaming platforms, the popularity of IPVanish VPN is low due to the failure to unlock Netflix and Amazon Prime platforms.

But don’t worry, this app has almost all the security-related features we hear about such as advanced encryption, huge country support, huge servers, unlimited device connection, proxy servers, and so on.

Moreover, this VPN authority provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s why if you don’t like it after using it, you can easily get your money back.

Unlimited Connections

Not popular for streaming platforms

Porton VPN

App Store Rating

Available: 1300+
Maximum Simultaneous: 10
Streaming Supports: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, Youtube, Disney

Basic 2 Year $3.29/ mth
Plus 1 Year: $5.99/ mth
Plus 2 Year: $3.29/mth

ProtonVPN is also called Fast & Secure VPN. Because it’s a security system. Because it provides all kinds of advanced features in the security system and its highest speed up to GBps.

Yes, PortonVPN is now the best in the market for providing the best security at high speed. This VPN also is able to give the best performance in the terms of unblocking streaming platforms with a good reputation.

Surprisingly the free version of PortonVpn is also said to be one of the best free VPNs. The main reason is that only the free version of ProtonVPN ensures that they don’t store any information from users and doesn’t sell any information to third parties.

So for those who like to use VPN or want to keep their identity secret on the internet, feel free to choose ProtonVPN.

It’s also able to give the best performance in the case of the iPhone, and its popularity among iPhone users is increasing day by day.

However, I hope any user will be impressed when Proton VPN enters settings. Because of its settings, you can see IKEv2, WireGuard, OpenVPN, NetShield malware blocking, VPN accelerator, kill switch, and many more advanced features.

Great For Streaming
Great security features
Excellent For Free Service

Support isn’t 24/7

Private Internet Access VPN

App Store Rating

Available Countries: 74+
Available Servers: 34400+
Maximum Simultaneous: 10
Streaming Supports:

Monthly 11.95/ mo
One Year $3.33/ mo
3 Year + bonus 3 Months 2.03/mo

Private Internet Access is one of the best VPNs used for iPhone users worldwide. However, it is not only the best for the iPhone, this VPN is in the leading stage in all platforms.

This application provides all the necessary advanced features of the device including privacy, security, good speed, unlimited bandwidth. It also has a good encryption system for security when you use the internet, public wifi, Hotspot, and so on.

Private Internet Access  VPN  has a rating of 4.7, which is definitely very good. Moreover, a 24/7 customer support facility is available for any issues.

The strict no logs policy system of this application is also very good, which means they are committed that they will never store any traffic or browsing data.

Necessary advanced features like split tunneling, kill switch, high-speed torrent support, flexible settings, ad blocker, etc. are available and able to work perfectly.

Numerous server locations
Excellent Speed
Great Network Settings

No free version

TunnelBear VPN

App Store Rating

Available Countries: 49+
Available Servers: 2000+
Maximum Simultaneous: 5


Unlimited $ 3.33/ mo
Teams $5.75/user

Tunnelbear VPN is a simple VPN of the best quality I have ever seen. Although this VPN does not list most apps or features, it is more popular with less demanding users.

TunnelBear VPN is a free VPN, it seems to me that it gives incredible performance compared to free. Because it works perfectly as it maintains privacy online, I’ve tested it, and it’s also capable of providing perfect security on public WiFi and hotspots.

TunnelBear offers 500 MB of free data per month. This VPN app uses AES 256-bit as the encryption system which is undoubtedly very powerful. The TunnelBear VPN application has 2000+ servers available in more than 49 countries, so users will have no problem getting a good connection.

The authority of this app has confirmed that it is the first VPN service in the world that will be independently audited by a third party, the data will always be secure, so users can use the app for sure.


Free Plans
Great DNS Servers
Simple User Interface
Kill Switch


Only 500MB per month
Limited Functionality

How do you know which VPN is perfect for you?

There is no shortage of VPN apps in the market right now. But don’t worry, we’ve picked the best VPN app for iPhone. But before that, let me show you how you can be sure that a VPN might be best for you. So below I am giving some important points, which will help you to choose the best VPN.

● Think about what you need:
● Applications Quality
● Supported platforms
● Required Locations
● Payment Plan
● Money-back liability
● Reliable customer support
● User Interface

Think about what you need:

Before selecting a VPN app, you first need to understand your needs. Because there are many types of VPN apps in the market, the fact that there are more or fewer features than depend only on the difference in price is not correct.

It may be that the advanced features you are looking for are offered at a very low cost by any application, so you can be very financially beneficial. You can sort VPN applications according to many more features like this. 

Moreover, if you need a VPN that you want to use as a WiFi router to provide security to many devices. Then you need to find out which VPN services offer the feature of using multiple devices simultaneously.

But if you want to stream a lot, you need to find out which apps are offering more speed and unlimited bandwidth.

This way once you make a list of your needs, it will be much easier to select a VPN app.

Applications Quality

The quality of a VPN application means good speed, perfect encryption, perfect unblocking, and so on. These issues will also help you to sort the applications according to your needs and priorities.

The reason is that if you need to visit and watch unblocked sites according to locations, then you have to pay more attention to the unblocking system.

Moreover, if you are looking for a VPN for your official work, then you need to pay more attention to the encryption system. Because the encryption system of a VPN app is perfect then the ability to provide security will also be perfect.

Supported platforms

Currently, almost all VPN companies strive for their services to be supported on all platforms. So maybe very soon all VPN apps will be able to provide services for all platforms.

But I hope, now you must make sure that the VPN app you are going to be select supports the platforms you are using.

Because if you are using Windows system on PC and iPhone as a phone, then you must select a VPN app that supports these two platforms.

Required Locations

One of the most important reasons for VPN to be selected is whether it’s covering the required location. Because there are some countries that have a lot of limitations in internet usage, China is one of them.

So, if you want to visit these countries or go for official work then you should make a VPN choice keeping these things in mind.

Payment Plan

Currently, all VPN providers offer both free and paid packages. However, I always forbid the use of free VPN services for a number of reasons, but I will not go into details here.

Different companies arrange their service packages in different ways. So you have to choose the perfect pricing package according to your required features. Because higher prices don’t mean that it will be perfect according to your needs. You can get the best service for you even at a much lower pricing package.

Money-back liability

Since I recommend you to use paid VPNs, I would also advise you to take care of the money-back guarantee. Because there are many VPN providers who offer a money-back guarantee from 10 days to 30 days.

So if you do not feel good after buying these packages and using them for a few days, then you can get the money back from the authorities.

Reliable customer support

Customer support is an important part of VPN services. Because you definitely need support when you use a VPN service. Although almost all VPN providers now offer 24/7 live chat support, some providers fail to provide good service.

So before choosing a VPN, everyone should keep this in mind.

User Interface

The user interface is the most important part of all applications. Users do not see the functions inside an application, so no matter how good an application function maybe, if the user interface is not easy, no one will feel comfortable using it. 

So before selecting the best VPN app for iPhone, it would be good to know about its UI.

Which features typically must be present for good VPN applications?

A good VPN app should have some common advanced features. So now I will mention some important features. When you see a VPN app with these features, you can easily choose one.

●Strong Encryption System
●High Secure Protocols
●DNS Leak Protection
●VPN Kill Switch
●Shared IP Addresses
●Simultaneous Connections
●Cross-Platform compatible
●Good servers speed

Strong Encryption System

Encryption is the most common and important feature for all VPN applications. Because the encryption feature ensures the data security of users. This feature makes these data unreadable when transferring data using WiFi.


High Secure Protocols

VPN protocols are the other most common and important feature of all VPN applications. It works to hide the user’s identity. All VPN users need identity protection for visiting many known and unknown websites. There are many types of protocols in the market.


DNS Leak Protection

A DNS leak is a type of security error that occurs when a request is sent to an ISP’s DNS server. Having a DNS leak prevention feature in a VPN application makes the VPN’s security system stronger.

Because the DNS request is referred to as an anonymous server, as a result, the user’s ISP is hidden.

VPN Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a very important feature for any VPN application. When the user loses his connection, then the Kill Switch feature can help a lot in this case. Because this feature works proactively to keep the user’s privacy intact until the connection is restored.

Shared IP Addresses

A shared IP address like an IP address means that the same name address is shared among users. As a result, the web address that the user can access from the same VPN and the IP address that will be assigned to it will be assigned to other users at the same time.

Simultaneous Connections

The Simultaneous Connections feature is also a common and important feature for all VPN users. Because this will enable users to connect multiple VPN connections simultaneously.

This feature will help a lot such as if your two office locations are in different locations but you need to connect to the same VPN.

Moreover, if you have more than one device, you should choose a VPN app keeping this in mind.

Cross-Platform compatible

Simultaneous Connections support as well as Cross-Platform compatibility and much more important. Because Cross-Platform compatibility means that it allows different platforms at the same time.

So if you have devices of different platforms, like Windows, Android, iPhone, iOS, then there will be no problem.

Good servers speed

Good server speed is of course an important feature for a VPN app. Normally Web browsing and video streaming require 8 to 10 Mbps speeds, but for Perfect Gaming, Live Streaming requires 20 to 25 Mbps.

Moreover, while using VPN, its encryption system, IP hide, transferring, some other things can also have an effect on internet speed.

Final Words

Above, I have already said that the use of VPN is increasing day by day, which I hope you have realized. In particular, the use of VPN, as well as antivirus, has increased in this epidemic situation.

The main reason is that a lot of professional people have started using laptops or smartphones. It means that people have started doing official work sitting at home. That’s why the importance of information security is very important.

But, the main problem is when people hesitate to choose the application. However, in this article, I have shown you how you can select the best VPN app for iPhone and what features a good VPN needs to have.

Knowing these things, anyone can choose the perfect VPN service according to their own needs. So I do not prefer one of the applications directly from the list above, because I know that once you read this article well, you will understand which apps are able to meet your needs.

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