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Can Blocked Numbers Leave Voicemails On Android?

Can blocked numbers leave voicemails on Android? All Android users want to get a clear idea about this. Call blocked does not mean that he will not be able to give voice messages. Because they will be able to go directly to voice messages once the call rings.

But blocked numbers voice mails are not sent directly to the inbox. The main reason why Android users are so confused about this is that they think that blocking means that everything is completely closed.

However, there are some important issues in the call block on Android that everyone should have a clear idea about. If you are unfamiliar with all aspects of Call Block, stay tuned. Here I will discuss all the issues related to the call block of Android, which you must know.

Can Blocked Numbers Leave Voicemails On Android?

Voice messages can be sent on Android even after blocking the number, but these messages don’t go directly to the inbox but go to spam. Then you can check and listen to these messages in different ways.

However, this doesn’t only happen in the case of the voice message, but also in the field of normal messages and calls. So if you know about these issues, you will not be confused about any of the issues related to number blocks.

Below I am giving you a clear idea about “Can be blocked numbers leave voicemails” through all your important questions and answers.

Where Do Blocked Voicemails Go On Android?

If so, you have blocked someone from your Android phone, you want to if they are sending you voice messages. Then you need to know how to check it because it doesn’t look like a normal voice call or message.

To check this, first, open the phone app, Then click on Voice Mail from here. Now check down to get the blocked messages, because these are usually the deleted messages at the bottom. Now you can listen or delete them if you want.

Can I Listen To A Voicemail From A Blocked Number?

When calling from a  blocked number, the user can easily understand that he has been blocked. Because if you do then the same response comes again and again and the caller can go directly to the voice message after once ringing.

Of course, you can hear this voice message sent by a blocked caller. In this case, you have to follow the same process. To find out the spammed voice message from phone apps. Then from there, you can listen to those spammed voice messages, also you can delete them if you want.

How Do You Retrieve And Listen To Voicemails From Blocked Callers?

Yes of course you can retrieve voice messages from blocked callers and listen also. If you don’t delete spam voice messages, then you will get through the same process as shown above.

But, If you want to hear deleted voice messages, you can recover items. For this, you need to connect the phone to the computer and install EaseUS MobiSaver on the PC.

So install EaseUS MobiSaver on the PC and open it and connect the phone to the computer. Now scan the Android phone using  EaseUS MobiSaver to find the items of the block number. Items will be previewed after the scan is complete, then need to be saved.

How To Stop A Blocked Number From Leaving A Voicemail?

Can Blocked Numbers Leave Voicemails

If you are annoyed with the arrival of voice mail of block numbers, then there is nothing to worry about. Because there is an option in Android to turn off the voice message of annoying calls.

With this option, you can also turn off the voicemail of your blocked numbers. After using this option, voice message rings of annoying numbers will not ring on your phone. To turn on this option you need to go to phone settings and find the “spam and call screen” option. Then from there, you have to toggle the “See caller & spam ID” option.

Can I Leave A Voicemail On A Blocked Number On Android?

The direct answer to this question is yes. Yes, of course, anyone can blocked numbers leave voicemails on Android. Because when you block a number, calls, and messages, voice messages stop coming from that number.

But it is true that calls and messages from blocked numbers come but are stored in the list. However, you can call, message, and voice message the blocked number at any time without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I Still Getting Voice Messages From Block Numbers?

It’s normal to receive voice messages from blocked numbers, this is not a technical problem. Because even in the case of block numbers on Android calls or messages cannot be interrupted completely. But, none of these voicemails, calls or normal messages come to the inbox but are stored as spam.

Can You Block Someone From Leaving A Voicemail On Android?

You, of course, can block anyone’s number from giving voice messages. In this field, you have to block anyone’s number as you normally block. The caller will be able to send you voice messages even after blocking, but they will come to your phone as spam.

Can Blocked Numbers Still Leave Voicemails?

Yes, blocked numbers can still give voicemail. If voicemail comes to your phone from a blocked number, no worries, you can stop this. Yes, there is an option by default on Android phones that allows you to get rid of these annoying issues.  Above I have shown how you can solve this problem from the settings app.

Final Words

Technological updates are happening so fast now that people don’t even know about many updates. But the interesting thing is that these updates are marketed in such a way that the target person can know.

So almost every user can know the updates according to their needs. But sadly, we have misconceptions about many common technological issues. One such feature is voicemail, which has caused widespread confusion among users.

Above I have given a clear idea about can blocked numbers leave voicemails on android, which all android users should know. So I hope you have a clearer idea about all the issues related to call blocking on Android.

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