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Does Do Not Disturb Affect Alarms? Must Check Before Using

Do Not Disturb mode is one useful feature. In the past days, only the iPhones got this feature. But now Android smartphones also come with this important setting. It is one useful feature that prevents unwanted alerts.

So does Do Not Disturb affect alarms? The answer is no. Do Not Disturb mode can not prevent an alarm from ringing. In Android, you have options to select whether you want an alarm to ring or not in Do Not Disturb.

When you set an alarm at a specific time, alerting you becomes a priority for your phone. With a pre-set alarm if you have Do Not Disturb mode turned on, things become a little complicated. We are going to discuss how your smartphone will react at that time.

What is do not disturb mode?

It is actually for real busy situations. Even the name of the feature defines it for then when you do not want any disturbance. Do Not Disturb is a specially built feature on smartphones that stops all audible and visible alerts and notifications.

Does Do Not Disturb affect alarms?

Actually, options of the Do Not Disturb mode vary in different OSes. In iOS, there is no option to choose alarms in Do Not Disturb mode. By default, it allows an alarm to ring while the iPhone is on Do Not Disturb mode.

There are several other options. You can set a schedule to avoid all calls or messages. There are also options for always or while locked. That means Do Not Disturb will only work when the phone is locked. It will not make silent calls or messages when you are using the phone. On the other hand, the always option doesn’t care if the screen is on or not. It keeps hiding all messages and calls.

One most important option is allowing calls as your preference. You can set the contacts whose calls are important to you. That’s how in Do Not Disturb mode you can get normal alerts for important calls. Another option we found not so useful is repeated calls. Well, if you do not want to be interrupted, repeated calls may disturb you. It’s good to have an option though.

Unlike iOS in Android, you will see a clear option in the Do Not Disturb menu for alarms. From there you can choose whether you want to hear an alarm or not. You know Android always allows more customization than iOS. That’s why you get some of these cool options in the Android operating system.

Schedule mode is also available here. In advance, you can separately select apps you want to be notified of. So you can always get your alarm alerts in the Do Not Disturb mode.

Does Do Not Disturb mode block calls?

Normally if you want to ignore calls, you have so many options given on your smartphone. Call blocking, silent mode, meeting mode, call diverting, airplane mode, all these settings are for keeping you uninterrupted while you are busy. So what’s the specialty of Do Not Disturb mode?

Obviously, this feature has some unique characteristics. It’s designed to handle all audible and visible alerts without notifying you. The feature smartly silences all your calls, messages, and notifications. But it never blocks any of these alerts. All these activities happen without making any sound or turning the display on.

Data or cellular activities also go in the same way. Only the alarm gets the priority to notify you. However, You will be able to see every missed call, text, and other notification when you start using the phone again. It’s a huge advantage. It’s one of the main reasons why people prefer using Do Not Disturb.

How to turn on Do Not Disturb mode?

It’s so easy to turn on Do Not Disturb mode on most devices. On Android, you should find it on the notification bar. In iPhones, you will see the Do Not Disturb icon on the control panel. You just need to swipe up for iOS and down for Android. 

In case you face trouble finding the icon, it’s always in the settings menu. From there it can be turned on simply. Always check out the inside options it provides. Some pretty useful features are included there. Those might help you a little more.

Can you use the internet on Do Not Disturb?

Do Not Disturb never bothers in your network activities. So you can normally use the internet. But your Messenger or Whatsapp calls or notifications will never appear on the screen. The system blocks sounds and vibrations as well. You don’t want to be distracted, right? Everything in this feature is built for this single purpose which is not to disturb you.


Nowadays smartphones keep us busy. But you have a lot of simple options to avoid. Do Not Disturb is one of the best among all. If you know the proper uses of it, you never need to switch your phone off. Mostly at that time when you do not want any interruption. 

Here alarms are something serious. It gets the maximum priority. Hopefully, you are now clear about does Do Not Disturb affect alarms. It’s an obvious no. The problem is a switched-off phone won’t give you information about the people who tried to reach you.

It’s a huge disadvantage. Many people do not really know there is such an interesting feature in their smartphone. So they usually go with the silent or airplane mode. If you are one of them, don’t forget to check out the Do Not Disturb mode instead.

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