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Google fixes Pixel 6 bug that randomly dialed User contacts

Finally, Google Pixel fixed one of the 6 annoying bugs. Yes, Pixel 6 users were very worried about an annoying bug. Pixel 6 bug that randomly dialed user’s contact. Which means it is automatically making random phone calls from the user’s contact list.

This can be very annoying when the auto call is dialed to a family member or someone else’s number at night. Users get annoyed and call this ghost calling and phantom calling. A Pixel 6 user at Reddit described the problem, saying that he had unknowingly dialed the phone to a friend’s number in the morning. Moreover, such an incident happened once while reading a book last night.

The problem was caused by an incorrect Google Assistant Hotword detection. This is mainly due to Google Assistant’s incorrect hearing, such as trigger phrases like ‘Hey Google’ that are incorrectly matched with the wrong command, which is why this is happening.

Google has suggested clearing the Google Apps cache and settings to temporarily resolve this issue. But the only way to solve it permanently is to completely disable hot word recognition. So now everyone has to wait for a while for a permanent solution.

Google has confirmed that it has taken the issue seriously, and is working to find a permanent solution. Hopefully, the complete solution to the Pixel 6 bug that randomly dialed will be given with the upcoming update.

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However, this problem is not only in the case of the Google Pixel 6 but also in the case of the Android 12 flagship. Its users have also complained about slow fingerprint detection, display flickering, and more.

Bugs are a common issue in any new update. So no worries, make a temporary fix before giving the Google Permanent update.

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