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Apple Launches Apple Business Essentials Feature For Small Businesses

Finally, Apple is going to launch a subscription service for small businesses. This new feature is called Apple Business Essentials. The feature is designed for small businesses with device management, an iCloud storage facility, and up to 500 employees.

The feature is currently in beta, helping staff with onboarding and device management processes. The feature is currently in beta, helping staff with onboarding and device management processes.

It allows employees to set up settings and configure apps individually. For example, when employees come to a device with their credentials, the subscription feature can automatically input or push VPN settings or Wi-Fi passwords.

Moreover, Applecare + add-ons provide 24/7 support to employees in case of any problem. 

However, the small business that Apple is focusing on is getting a lot of praise from everyone. Because small businesses are always able to play a good role in the economy. So hopefully Apple will be able to play a bigger role in growing small businesses or companies.

Basically, the subscription feature will help the employee streamline every step of device management. Where upgrading, onboard – setup includes these things. These will be very helpful for every business. Everything will be safe with data backup through iCloud storage.

However, Apple has stated that the Apple Business Essentials feature will divide their service into three parts. The basic plan will start from 2.99 USD. Apple also said that an app for Apple Business Essentials will be released soon, which will make all access easier.

So I hope it will play a vital role in the rapid development of the business. Since the feature is going to be a new release, not all features have been added properly. So something new will be added soon. Moreover, features may change or some new add-ons may be added depending on user reviews and satisfaction.

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