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How To Send More Than 10 Text Messages At A Time? Easiest Methods

How to send more than 10 text messages at a time? Whether creating a group or without that complexity, you can send more than 10 or more messages at a time. It’s a very easy task you can do without using any extra tool. You know today’s smartphones are so smart that texting is a very normal task for them.

So sending many messages at a time is possible through your smart device. Most operating systems provide this service in their default texting app. However, you can use other messaging apps as well. Most of the popular messaging apps allow sending unlimited messages. Let’s help you out by sending a text to more than 10 people at a time.

How to send more than 10 text messages at a time?

For Android, iOS, and other smart devices, sending more than 10 messages at a time is quite easy. If you talk about the featured phones, things become complicated. Because not all featured phones run on a specific operating system.

You may know that different featured phones run on different Operating Systems. That’s why their messaging app is different. So some support the group messaging system and some don’t. If you want to send a greeting message to all your contacts using a featured phone, you have to inspect the messaging app properly.

There can exist some system to mark multiple contacts and send a message at a time. As feature phones have only a few options in every app, you can easily find out whether it provides the facility or not. If you do not find an option, your phone might not support this feature. Now let’s talk about smartphones. It is clear that all smartphones can do it easily.

Send texts at a time using a default smartphone app:

For sending a text message using your default messaging app you will have all two options. You can select contacts independently and send a message to all. This way you don’t need to create a group. The message will be sent to all the selected contacts separately.

Most people use it to send some kind of festival greeting message to their contacts. For doing this you have to open the default message app. Then click on the plus(+) or start chat icon that we usually use to create a chat. On the top side, you will see the box to enter the contact number. Now click on the box to select a contact.

You will see the empty box for typing, right under that, there are all the contacts following the create group option. You are not sending a group message. So leave the option and select one contact. Once the contact is selected you will see another contact icon beside the number. 

Click on the icon you will again be directed to the contact list. Now you can mark all the contacts you want to send the message to. You can even select all your contacts to send the message to all of them at the same time. 

The next way is the group messaging system. This way you have to create a group of the people you want to send the message to. Remember the create group option while selecting a contact? Yes, we mentioned it earlier. This time you have to click on the create group option and select the peoples you want to add. 

Once the group is created every message you send to the group will be delivered to all the persons you added. You can easily add more than 10 people to a group.

How do you text more than 10 people on an iPhone?

Well if you are an iOS user you will find the same options in your default message app. Follow the instructions given below. There is nothing complex here.

●Open message
●Tap to compose a new message
●Write a message on the clipboard
●Tap on the recipient box
●Select or mark the contacts you want to add
●Tap on the send option

You also can make a group to send iMessage. There is nothing complicated there.

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Send texts at a time using social media apps:

All the popular apps like Facebook, and Whatsapp have effective group message systems. Another way is to forward a message. Suppose you just sent a Merry Christmas message to one of your friends. Now you have to tap and hold the message and select the forward option. 

Then you will see all your friends on your list. All you have to do is tap the send button beside every contact. That’s how you can send a single message to more than 10 people without writing again and again.

There will be a very minimum sending time difference. So there are some real ways to send a couple of texts at a time. So now your greetings and invitational messages have a way to reach more people in a short time. We hope the information would help you a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why are my texts limited to 10 recipients?

Not all phones limit the contacts inside the message box. But your phone may restrict adding more than 10 contacts. That is mainly to prevent spamming.

How to text more than 10 on an iPhone?

To send more than 10 texts on an iPhone you have to open the messaging app. Then tap on the compose button to start a new message. Once you are in the message window, tap to add multiple contacts. From here you can add more than 10 contacts.

What to do if MMS is limited to 10?

If your MMS recipients are limited to 10, you have to create a group with all the recipients. Then you can send the MMS to the group. This way all the recipients can get the MMS. There would not be any limits and you can add more than 10 members to the group.


Texting has become a trend these days. Many people prefer texting over making a phone call. Why not? Because we have a couple of awesome texting apps. They are easy to use and have amazing features to express your feelings over text. It’s a quick medium to communicate as well. Have you got how to send more than 10 messages at a time?

Although sending a group message is very easy, many people can think it is a complex process. You do not even need to learn it. Because most of us are already connected to some group in any social media app. So whenever you need to send a message to all your friends, you can send it as a group message.

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