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How To Turn Off Battery Saver Windows 10 In 2021

There are 3 main ways to turn off battery saver in Windows 10. They are

  • Plugging in the charger.
  • Using the battery icon.
  • From settings.

Battery saver is one great windows 10 feature. Because it has been a blessing to portable Windows device users. But sometimes this amazing feature can become annoying too. Why?

Well, because when in battery saver mode, windows 10 automatically decreases the screen brightness to 20% and stops syncing. Syncing includes calendar notifications, email notifications, and any other push notifications. So, it’s really common to miss an important schedule or email.

Moreover, in battery saver mode, windows 10 also disables all apps running in the background. So, one important work or process might get lost forever! But what is the solution?

Well, the solution is simple. Use battery saver mode only in an emergency or when you are far from a power source or charger. So, how to turn off the battery saver?

This article is all about that. Here I’ll discuss 3 efficient ways to turn off battery saver. So, stay tuned.

3 Easy Ways To Turn Off Battery Saver In Windows 10

Different windows 10 version has different ways of turning battery saver off. But these three basic procedure is available in almost every windows 10 version. They are

1. Connect Your Charger

 It is the easiest yet most fruitful way to the battery saver.

The battery saver mode in windows 10 is an automatic process. Windows 10 automatically turns on battery saver when the battery level of a windows laptop or tablet gets 20% or a custom level set by the user. It’s a feature just like an android battery saver.

Turning the battery saver can also be automatic. Because by default when a windows portable device is plugged in the battery saver will be turned off automatically. If the default settings are kept ok then this will work fine.

2. Turn It Off  Using The Battery Icon

It is another simple process to off turn the battery saver.  

If you have one window 10 laptop then you must have a  battery icon in the taskbar below. Windows 10 introduced this feature to turn off the saver from the battery icon To turn the battery saver off

    • Click on the battery icon.
    • A window like the above will open.
    • Click and slide the diameter according to your need.
    • Battery saver mode will be deactivated.

3. Turn Off Battery Saver from Settings

    • This is another easy way to turn off the battery saver.
    • To turn off the battery saver from the settings follow the below instructions.
    • Click on the windows button.
    • Open settings.
    • Click on
    • Go to the battery.
    • Then Click on battery saver to turn it off.
    • You can also customize your battery using this battery settings menu.

These are some of the easiest ways to deactivate battery saver in Windows 10. If these procedures don’t work with your device then there is a high probability that your battery driver is corrupted or out of date. Updating or reinstalling the battery drivers will solve that issue permanently.

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