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The latest Surface Pro 8 – what could be new in it?

Some of Microsoft’s products have gradually lost their popularity, the Microsoft Surface series is one of them. The main reason for this is to try to do something different without keeping pace with the times.

In both cases of tab or mobile phone, iOS and Android are competing with each other. With the huge popularity of iOS and Android, it will be very difficult to capture the marketplace for a new operating system, just the same thing happens with the Microsoft Tab.

The 2 in 1 Tab/ Laptop that Microsoft has brought to the Surface series so far is standard but not very popular among the people. The last released device in the surface series was the surface 7 pro. It turned into launched on October 22, 2019.

Since then no new versions have been released for Pandemic. But rumors are circulating that new additions are coming to the Surface series. Surface 8 is coming soon. Let’s take a look at the rest of the Surface 8 related details.

What are the possible features of Surface Pro 8?

Although there is not much time left to launch the Surface Pro 8, there is not much craze among the people about the Surface Pro 8. Let’s take a look at the possible features of the Surface 8 Pro:

● Display Bezel:

The Surface Pro 8 is likely to have a more modern design and a thinner bezel, although the manufacturers have revealed that they will only slightly modify the design of the Surface Pro 8 from the design of the Surface Pro 8.

● Operating System:

It is expected that the Surface Pro 8 will not be released before October because Microsoft has confirmed that the Surface Pro 8 will be powered by Windows 11. Microsoft has further confirmed that the new OS will be released soon after the Surface event.

● Dynamic Refresh Rate

A blog post from a Microsoft developer has confirmed that the Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) feature has been added to Windows 11. This will allow Windows to automatically increase and decrease the refresh rate based on your work so that the battery performance is better than before. This is expected to increase the Surface Pro 8’s performance.

●  Wake on Touch

Those of you who use Android phones may be familiar with this Wake on Touch feature. The Wake on Touch feature has been added to Windows 11 to wake up the Surface Pro 8 quickly. If the display is in sleep mode, then just touch the display and the Surface Pro 8 will wake up again.

● A large Battery

The Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro 7+ had battery issues, and the battery backup wasn’t great. With that in mind, Microsoft later admitted that they would focus on better battery performance in the future. The battery backup should be such that it can survive at least 8 hours on a full charge. That’s why a large battery is expected in the Surface Pro 8.

● Charging Port Type

Since the Surface Pro 8 is a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop, it will be used roughly and will have a large battery, so it should charge quickly. With this in mind, the Surface Pro 7 and 7+ added USB-C-type ports.

And that continuity will be reflected in the Surface Pro 8. USB-C type port is not an option for fast charging large batteries.

● A better Camera expected

The camera of the Microsoft Surface Pro series is not very dazzling compared to other competitors. They are using only an 8-megapixel camera sensor in the last Surface series.

Since the Surface series is mostly used by students and office workers and because of Pandemic, maximum classes, meetings are done on Zoom, Skype, etc., so a better camera should be provided for online video calling.


According to WinFuture, the configuration of the Surface Pro 8 will be available in many processor variants and many RAM variants. The processor variant will start from Core i3 and the RAM variant will start from 8GB, which means that the Surface Pro 8 is going to come with a very powerful configuration this time.

LTE is also going to be added to the Surface Pro 8, but only for variants of the Surface Pro 8 Core i5. The following is a list of all variants of the Surface Pro 8:

Core i3 variant:

    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i3 8/128GB

Core i5 variants:

    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i5 8/128GB (LTE)
    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i5 8/256GB (LTE)
    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i5 16/256GB (LTE)
    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i5 8/128GB
    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i5 8/256GB
    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i5 16/256GB

Core i7 variants:

    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i7 16/256GB
    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i7 16/512GB
    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i7 16GB/1TB
    • Surface Pro 8, Intel Core i7 32GB/1TB

What will be the price range of Surface Pro 8?

The devices in the Surface Pro series are relatively costly. Even if you want to buy a device of Surface Pro with minimum configuration, you have to spend a good amount of money. And besides, there are also other accessories like Pen, Cover, Keyboard, Mouse, etc you have to buy with the device.

Although it is not yet possible to say the actual price, we can guess the price range. The Surface Pro 8 with a high configuration and with all accessories will be around $ 2300- $2500, and with a lower configuration and with all accessories will be around $900- $1200. This is a complete estimate, the actual price range will be known only after the official update.

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2 years ago Microsoft brought us the Surface Pro 7, which gave a much better performance than the predecessors of the Surface series. But its battery life was not so amazing. Many expressed frustration over this issue.

The Surface 7 was great as a 2-in-1 tablet/laptop. But still, there were a lot more expectations from that device. It could have been better if it had better performance, more gorgeous vision, lighter weight, and thinner.

Microsoft is thinking of Surface 8 with these expectations of Surface 7. So let’s hope that the much-anticipated and much-awaited Surface 8 will be released with a very good output.

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