iOS 15 unleashes Facetime calls on Android!

How to make Facetime calls on Android

Is it possible to make a Facetime call on Android? Well, with the new iOS 15, yes it is possible. Now you can make a Facetime call to Android smartphones. You know Facetime is a built-in iOS video calling feature. For iPhone to iPhone video calling, most Apple users prefer this over other video calling apps.

If you are an iPhone user, you may have tried to reach an Android user through Facetime. Surely all your previous attempts failed. Because Apple didn’t allow their two best stock features iMessage and Facetime to communicate with another operating system.

But this restriction is wiped out from the new iOS 15. Now you can communicate through Facetime with your friend who uses Android. The problem is you can not directly call the person. The process is a bit tricky. Don’t worry, you are going to be familiar with it.

How to make Facetime calls on Android?

iOS 15 was released with a long list of new features and designs. As it is the most updated version, there are some necessary changes too. iPhone users had to download other apps for making a video call on Android. So Apple included an option to join Android users on Facetime calls.

Actually, Android users cannot directly call via Facetime. They need to wait for an invitation. I mean the iOS user can create a room or group in Facetime. There the Android user can join as a participant. It works almost like Zoom or Google Meet. So if you are with the iPhone, open the Facetime app and click on the create link.

Before that, you need to ensure that you are on the latest version of iOS. Otherwise, it will not work. Once you tapped on the create link, you will see a pop-up with all the social sharing apps on your device. From there click on the copy link. Now when the link is copied, you can share it with any of the above apps.

Hopefully, you have understood what you have to do. You have to share the link with your Android holder friend. You can use Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or your default messaging app to send it to your friend. Your work is almost done. So wait until your friend joins the meeting.

When your friend clicks on the link he/she would be directed to the Facetime waiting room. The green-colored Join button is easily noticeable. By clicking it he would be able to join the call. Now it just needs the room creator’s confirmation. If you are the host, you can accept the joining request.

Finally, you are all set. Both of you are now ready to start a conversation. The host can add more people to the call. Every person with the link can join the Facetime call. Although it is unexpected Apple has finally utilized Facetime. I think it was an important step from Apple.

Nowadays video calling is a simple task. During the Covid epidemic, people have learned to get the best out of video calling or meeting apps. As your iPhone contains one of the best built-in video calling apps, You do not need to download others. However, maybe it is the beginning.

It is not a tough task for Apple to make this iPhone to Android Facetime calling easier. You know all this copy link stuff is not that reliable in this modern world. You have to agree that iPhone to Android Facetime calls was pretty unexpected. But people are now used to one-click video calling systems. So, Apple should update it soon.



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