Using Avast And Malwarebytes At The Same Time – What To Expect?

Using Avast And Malwarebytes At The Same Time - What To Expect

Malwarebytes and Avast are the most popular cybersecurity software products for homes and businesses. The main task of these antiviruses is to protect your computer from various types of viruses that could do a lot of damage to your computer.

Both Malwarebytes and Avast offer effective endpoint protection features for defending your business against malware. Both Malwarebytes and Avast provide cloud-based solutions. Malwarebytes gives good protection to your PC, on the other hand, Avast also gives a great performance.

But do you know what will happen if both Malwarebytes and Avast are installed on your computer? In this article, I am going to talk about this. So let’s dive into it and see what to expect!


Malwarebytes endpoint protection is cloud-based endpoint protection. It can provide security for organizations of all sizes to detect and block threats like viruses, trojan horses, spyware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks and recover your system.

Malwarebytes EPP pricing:

Malwarebytes endpoint protection comes with three plans prices. Each plan is for a device per year. There is also a trial version available which you can test for free.


Avast business endpoint protection solutions is an endpoint protection solution that provides security for individual, small and medium-sized businesses. It is available both as a cloud-based and on-premises solution.

This anti-virus helps you to detect and block threats like viruses, trojan horses, spyware, ransomware, and also zero-day attacks. It also helps you to remediate your system after a virus attack.

Unlike Malwarebytes endpoint protection, Avast endpoint protection also comes with a patch management feature for automatic software updates.

Avast pricing:

Avast endpoint protection comes with three different priced plans. Each plan for a device for a year. It also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Installing Malwarebytes and Avast on the same computers

Malwarebytes and Avast, both endpoint protection offer effective endpoint protection features for defending your business against malware, viruses, trojan horses, spyware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks.

Although both antiviruses do almost the same thing, still you can install them on the same computer. But the antivirus installed first will give a warning to the antivirus installed in the second.

If you installed Avast first, and then you installed Malwarebytes, Avast will warn you with a message “incompatible antivirus detected Malwarebytes”. Avast will also recommend you uninstall Malwarebytes from your computer.

Or if you installed Malwarebytes first, and then you installed Avast, Malwarebytes will send you a warning notification. Malwarebytes will also recommend you uninstall Avast from your computer.

Avast and Malwarebytes – running at the same time

1. If you run Avast and Malwarebytes at the same time on earlier versions of Windows like Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 visits, Windows 7 professional, then you will not face any problem.

2. But If you run Avast and Malwarebytes at the same time on the versions of Windows there will be a conflict between Malwarebytes and Avast. Because both antiviruses do almost the same thing, that’s why they also use the same resources.

3. It may hang your computer or may slow down the performance of your computer.


How do Avast and Malwarebytes work?

Scan & monitoring

⇒ Endpoint protection starts with monitoring your endpoints.

⇒ In both Malwarebytes and Avast, you can add devices and organize them into groups, from there the systems will conduct scans to detect threats and risks affecting your endpoints.

⇒ Detected threats will be blocked before they can cause any damage but when a threat inevitably gets through, Malwarebytes and Avast provide you with remediation tools.

Use machine learning

Both systems use machine learning to block malicious activity from files, websites, emails, and application behavior and they include features to protect businesses against zero-day attacks. Malwarebytes uses signature-less payload analysis and anomaly detection to block rare and variant malware.

And Avast uses a tool called cyber capture to seize unknown files and inspect them in a secure cloud environment. In addition to endpoint protection, Avast users also get access to a basic patch management tool; out-of-date applications can pose security risks.

So Avast can regularly check for software for windows and thousands of third-party applications updating them automatically. Malwarebytes endpoint protection does not offer this feature at the time of publication.

Like a good endpoint protection product, both Malwarebytes and Avast use machine learning to detect and block threats.

ML in Avast

Avast trains its ML model to identify dangerous code, constantly feeding it data from newly detected threads to make it smarter and better at catching malware. This is the same approach most endpoint protection vendors take and it makes it harder for malware to slip undetected past security systems.

But Malwarebytes takes a slightly different approach from avast. Training its model to identify safe code. Malwarebytes claims this provides it with more data points making for faster threat detection.

Price comparison

Malwarebytes and Avast come in three different plans priced per device per year. At the time of publication, Malwarebytes EPP tends to be slightly more expensive than Avast. But keep in mind that Avast business endpoint protection solutions are made specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

If you need to protect more than one hundred devices you might go with Malwarebytes or Avast’s other business offering.


Both Malwarebytes and Avast are cloud-based solutions but you can also deploy Avast on-premises if you prefer to host the software on your own servers.


Malwarebytes or Avast? Both systems are effective at detecting, blocking, and remediating malware infections. But Avast also comes with a simple patch management feature for keeping your software up-to-date.

Before buying Malwarebytes and Avast, you must consider something. When choosing between Malwarebytes and Avast for endpoint protection you will have to consider the feature you want for your security, which antivirus you can afford, and what your deployment needs are.

After considering this you must go for any of them. You do not need both antiviruses at a time. They both are good antivirus and able to perform their tasks properly. But if you are not satisfied with one of them then you may go for another one.



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