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Best Solutions For Laptop Runs Slow When Plugged In 2021

There can be many solutions behind a laptop run slow when plugged in. Some of the notable ones are

  • Enable high-performance mode.
  • Solve overheating issue if present.
  • Use the genuine power adapter/ check if the power adapter is ok or not.

Laptops are great portable devices. They are easy to carry, do their job perfectly, and consumes less power than a usual Desktop Computer. But there are some downsides too, and every laptop model can have a different problem. Why?

Well, the reason lies behind its portability. As laptops are small and can provide the same performance as a desktop PC. So, while making a laptop, some of the good things of a desktop PC is left out. As a result, laptops run into problems more frequently than a PC. One such issue is running slow when plugged in.

But what’s the solution? Well, don’t worry. I got your back. Because in this article, I’ll talk about  3 best ways to solve this issue. So, stay tuned.

3 Solutions For Laptop Runs Slow When Plugged

Every laptop model has different configurations. So, the solution to this problem can be different for every laptop. But we have narrowed it down to 3 basic solves compatible with every modern laptop to this problem. They are

1. Enable High-Performance Mode 

Every modern laptop has this hidden feature. But from the factory settings, this setting is kept balanced to stop battery draining while charging. To enable this feature

  • Right-click on the battery icon of your laptop.
  • Select Power Options.
  • You will find a setting like this.
  • Click on the Change Plan Settings.
  • Select High-performance mode and you are good to go.

If you do not find a High-performance mode. Then follow the below instruction.

  • If there is no high-performance mode in your laptop then you will find settings like this.
  • Click on the Advance power settings and you will find something like this.
  • Right-click on the Processor power management.
  • Set both of the Minimum Power states to 50%.
  • Set Both of the Maximum Power State to 100%.
  • Click apply and you are done. This should solve the issue for most laptops.

2. Solve Overheating Issue If Present Laptop

Another notable reason for this problem can be overheating. Because CPU & GPU can not give their peak performance if overheating is present.

Laptops are built into smaller form factor than desktop PC. As a result, there is no or small space for airflow. There might be one or two fans present. But with time they are not enough. Moreover, heating increases while plugged in.

So, to solve this issue you can follow the below instructions

  • Stop using your laptop keeping it on soft surfaces/ bed.
  • Use an alternative cooler if your laptop heats too much.
  • Try to clean your laptop fans every 2 months.
  • Use a solid board beneath your laptop to make space for airflow.

These instructions can be helpful in the long run. But if they do not help, try consulting with a technician.

3. Always Use The Genuine Charger

Every laptop has different power inputs. So, using a charger other than the genuine one can also cause this problem.

Laptops do not have sophisticated PSU like a desktop PC. A Laptop PSU is connected with its charger. We all know PSU voltage is detected and used according to the configuration of a PC.

Moreover, every laptop model has a different configuration. So, every laptop uses a different power supply/ charger. As a result, if you use a power supply other than the original then your performance can decrease. Because a laptop can’t perform well if it does not get the same amount of power it needs.

So, always use the same charger provided with the box. If you are using the genuine one and still facing the problem then check if your charger and power source are ok or not.

These are some of the best fixes to laptop performance drop while charging. Remember, this is mostly a hardware related problem. So, never use fake software/ bloatware available on the internet to solve this problem. That software can be malicious. However, after trying all the above tactics if you still find this problem then taking help from an expert is suggested.

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