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Best Solves For ASUS Laptop Overheating Problem In 2021

The best solves for Asus laptop overheating problem are

  • Clean the CPU cooler fan.
  • Remove all the unnecessary RAM/CPU hungry Programmes.
  • Use a lap desk or extra cooler.

ASUS is one of the most recognized laptop brands in the world. They make some of the best value for money products. Yet, most ASUS laptop users face overheating problems after a certain time. Not only ASUS but almost all brands laptop users face this. But why is that?

Well, laptops are portable devices. To make them portable and lightweight, companies need to ignore some necessary things. One such thing is airflow. The airflow of a modern-day laptop is nowhere close to a desktop PC. As a result, most laptop users suffer from unnecessary heating issues. So, is there any solution to this?

Yes, nowadays, companies like ASUS are giving air vents on both sides, using two cooler fans instead of one, using thermal paste on parts. But these measures are not enough if a user does not take proper care of the laptop. So, how?

Well, let’s find out some of the best ways to solve the ASUS laptop overheating problem.

3 Ways To Solve ASUS Laptop Overheating Problem

The solution to this problem may vary from model to model. But we have narrowed it down to 3 basic solves that will work for every model.

Best Solves For ASUS Laptop Overheating Problem

1. Clean The Cooler Fans and Vents

The most common reason behind the overheating problem is dirty cooler fans and vents.

Most modern ASUS laptop has one or two built-in cooler fans. These fans suck air from one vent and remove it from another vent. In this process, the CPU, GPU, and other components get cooled.

But laptops are portable devices, so it travels to many places with us. As a result, laptop fans are vulnerable, and sucking dust is really common. Sometimes hair or any other specks of dirt stuck inside the vents. Moreover, these fans can not work properly if the dust level is too high.

So, cleaning your laptop fans and vents every now and then is suggested. Cleaning laptop fans are a pretty easy process. You can do it yourself if your laptop is out of warranty services. Follow the below instructions to clean your laptop fan.

    • Turn your laptop off and gently remove all the screws from the backside of your laptop.
    • There might be one or two hidden screws. So, remove them carefully.
    • After opening the back of your laptop, disconnect your battery ribbons.
    • Be careful with the ribbons. They are very sensitive.
    • After that, remove your battery.
    • Then remove the ribbons of your cooler fan and the screws holding it.
    • After that, clean the inside of your laptop cooler fan using a soft brush.
    • Be gentle while cleaning the cooling fan. They are really vulnerable.
    • Then look if there is anything stuck on the vents or not. Clean the vents too.
    • After cleaning, screw and connect all the ribbons, and you are good to go.

If you have followed all the suggestions carefully, I bet you will see a significant thermal performance improvement.

You should also check if your laptop fans are working correctly or not. If damaged or not working, change them as soon as possible.

2. Remove Unnecessary CPU/RAM Hungry Programmes

Overheating is mostly a hardware related issue. But there can be a software side too.

Laptops are not made for high-end tasks. Even the high-end ASUS laptops might suffer if it’s put on a heavy task. So, if too many RAM/CPU hungry programs are installed in a laptop then the CPU/GPU of that laptop suffers. As a result, they produce too much heat for the coolers to handle.

So, getting rid of unnecessary power-hungry programs are suggested for better thermal performance. If you find an important power-hungry software, remember there is always an alternative. Because overheating will cause various problems in your laptop and reduce its longevity.

    • To check such type of software  
    • Click ctrl+alt+delete and open task manager.
    • Analyze the results and get rid of that software.

You should also check updates of drivers and windows. Because corrupted drivers and windows files can also cause these problems. So always update your drivers and windows.

3. Use A Lap Desk or Extra Cooler ASUS Laptop 

The most common reason behind overheating is using it on soft surfaces like bed/cloths.

Laptops might get their name because they can be used to keep on the lap. But it’s never suggested to do that for a long time. Because soft surfaces like beds or cloths preserve temperature. As a result, the temperature of the laptop added with the surrounding temperatures create overheating. Moreover, if you do it for a long time your laptop hardware might get damaged.

So, it’s always suggested to use your laptop to keep it on a hard surface like a desk or wood surfaces. If you can not do that always then buy a lap desk or extra cooling desk for your laptop.

These are some of the most efficient solutions to ASUS laptop overheating. However, if they do not work consult a technician. Because your problem might be in a severe stage. 

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