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Top 20 Mobile Apps In 2022 Have More In Common Than You Think

If you are curious about the Top 20 Mobile Apps in 2022, then you are in the right place. Now I am going to tell you about the most downloaded apps globally.

When I say globally, that means we are keeping the specific regional apps back- which is like one app is named differently in two different countries. We are also avoiding stock apps by certain mobile OS which are mostly downloaded in billions like YouTube, Gmail, play store by google, maps by iOS, etc.

Here are the top 20 free mobile apps listed below:

1. Facebook

Yes, everyone knows about Facebook, the most downloaded social network application. Facebook is downloaded over 7 billion times. With so many debates about privacy issues, and after many ups and downs, Facebook has successfully become people’s most favorite mobile application.

Downloads : 7.073 B  Google Play Link : Facebook

2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another popular app among the social messaging and sharing genre. The popularity is so much that its downloads are reaching almost 7 million. WhatsApp promises end-to-end encrypted texts with strong security maintenance.

Downloads : 6.983 B  Google Play Link : WhatsApp

3. Facebook Messenger

With a new and free messenger app, Facebook again comes to the frontline. Facebook messenger is packed with so many features that almost Every Facebook user turned to get this familiar app. As result, another successful app hits 5+ billion downloads from Facebook.

Downloads : 5.327 B  Google Play Link : Facebook Messenger

4. Instagram

Introducing Instagram, a simple, fast, and friendly photo-sharing app. Owned by none other than Facebook. Yes, Facebook is always in business whenever it comes to social networking. You can share short videos called reels and stay connected with people you follow.

Downloads : 3.50 B  Google Play Link : Instagram

5. TikTok

TikTok is a popular video-sharing website. Unlike YouTube, it only prefers short videos. TikTok attracts people with beautiful filters and music features. It is so famous among the younger generation that it is the newest app that became so much popular with its 2.6 billion users.

Downloads : 2.63 B  Google Play Link : TikTok

6. Subway Surfer 

Now let’s talk about the first game in our list of top 20 mobile apps in 2021. Subway surfer is simple but never-ending. start a race in an unknown subway and escape from the bad security guy. Need some refreshment? Let the race begin.

Downloads : 1.43 B  Google Play Link : Subway Surfer

7. Facebook Lite

When it comes to business, you must include Facebook. When the main Facebook application became heavy with its fully loaded features, Facebook came with the lite version of the application. Facebook Lite is built for low specs devices. It runs smoothly on every device with a built-in messenger.

Downloads : 1.93 B  Google Play Link : Facebook Lite

8. Microsoft Word

Everyone is familiar with Microsoft word. The application you often use on desktop is available on mobile also. The Same user-friendly environment to play with your documents. Microsoft Word mobile app is downloaded over 1.8 billion times.

Downloads : 1.89 B  Google Play Link : Microsoft Word

9. Microsoft PowerPoint 

Here the brother of Microsoft Word comes next. Yes, we are talking about Microsoft PowerPoint which is also available in the mobile version. Make your slide for any kind of presentation. It really helps.

Downloads : 1.65 B  Google Play Link : Microsoft PowerPoint

10. Snapchat 

Let’s say it’s a really hard time for Snapchat. Everyone knows Snapchat is famous and loved by so many people. But when You are famous you have so many competitors. Some of them may Grow better but Snapchat still holds its place in number 10 in our ranking with 1.36 billion downloads.

Downloads : 1.35 B  Google Play Link : Snapchat

11. SHAREit

If you want to quickly share any document from one device to another, let me help you by suggesting the most reliable sharing app which is share IT. It’s way faster than Bluetooth. ShareIT uses a WIFI hotspot to transfer any kind of media and document.

Downloads : 1.54 B  Google Play Link : SHAREit

12. Netflix

One of the best-paid video streaming platforms. Netflix is packed with rich content like dramas, movies, tv-series, short films. In this covid pandemic whenever you need some entertainment, just download Netflix, sign in, start streaming and never forget to grab some popcorn.

Downloads : 1.513 B  Google Play Link : Netflix

13. Flipboard 

Flipboard aggregates content from all over the web. Its magazine-style user interface allows users to flip over the content. Flipboard is free and widely used For its quality articles.

Downloads : 1.30 B  Google Play Link : Flipboard

14. Twitter

Curious about What’s going on in the world? Download and sign in to Twitter. Breaking news, Sports controversy, media gossip, almost everything is trending here. You can also Tweet and share your points easily. So stay up to date with Twitter.

Downloads : 1.30 B  Google Play Link : Twitter

15. Candy Crush Saga

When it comes to Top 20 Mobile Apps, People’s favorite classic game Candy Crush Saga is in the 15th position in our ranking. It’s a puzzle game. This game contains relaxing graphics and different types of sweet candies you need to Crush. Download the game once and you’ll know why it’s so addictive.

Downloads : 1.142 B  Google Play Link : Candy Crush

16. Skype

No doubt that Skype is a legendary video calling app. Nowadays Skype is facing a hard time because of so many competitions out there in the app market. But still, unique features like screen share and friendly user interface made Skype users so used to that they couldn’t turn their back.

Downloads : 1.124 B  Google Play Link : Skype

17. Spotify

Everyone loves music. Don’t you? Yes, I am talking about the only audio streaming application on our list. Spotify is packed with a large number of audio collections. Different types of music are ready to swing your mood. So many playlists are decorated enough to blow your mind. That’s why 1.081 billion people love it.

Downloads : 1.081 B  Google Play Link : Spotify

18. Dropbox 

Dropbox application provides an easy cloud storage service. If you do not want to send large files through any application over and over then drop box may help. Just upload the large file into Dropbox and share the link. It can be easily accessed by people you share.

Downloads : 1.02 B  Google Play Link : Dropbox

19. Viber 

Another social networking site we had to put on our list is Viber. Clear Audio and video calls made it so popular. You also can text without any difficulty. When skype was a heavy app for mobile users, Viber came like a blessing. People immediately started loving the Smooth interface and easy use of Viber. That’s why it has a 909M family.

Downloads : 909 M  Google Play Link : Viber

20. Line 

Another instant communicating mobile app is line. Like other apps, line made sharing easy with news stream, video stream, and line tv like useful features. It can also provide free VoIP conversations. And In advance, the line has a built-in digital wallet.

Downloads : 874 M  Google Play Link : Line

Now you can easily choose from the above top 20 mobile apps in 2022 and find out which one is useful for you. every single of them is good enough. that’s why people worldwide love them and downloaded them in millions.

Bill Thamas
Bill Thamas is a gaming freak. He is always into different kinds of games. He started his career as a tier 1 PUBG player and won many competitive tournaments. It has been a while since he started writing gaming-related content for Techalrm. His interests in different kinds of games keep him always aware of the updated and upcoming games. As a member of the gamer’s community, he gets the review and bug updates regularly. However, he is a game reviewer himself.

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