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What’s New in the iPhone 13 Lineup? Complete Details

After a long wait, Apple announced their new legendary iPhone 13 lineup. As soon as they announced the release date, the whole tech universe got shocked by a mini earthquake. We know it is not the first time. Every time Apple comes with a new device people get ready with their rumors.

Finally, the launching event of the iPhone 13 lineup is fixed for 14th September 2021. At the same time, people started decoding every meaning of the video, and image. But today we will talk about the facts. If you want to know the new changes in iPhone 13, we are here with your expected information.

In this post, we will not talk about the common specifications. We will focus on the new changes. You are going to see where last year’s iPhone improved and what is new in the iPhone 13.

More about the New Features of the iPhone 13:

In the last few years, Apple released four phones at a time in the launching event. They will also release their newer versions of the Apple Watches in the same event. But today we will just talk about the new iPhones.

So, the flagships are iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 pro, and 13 pro max. There are minor differences among each of them. The design and core are almost the same. We will talk about it. Before that, we need to introduce you to the lineup. The 13 mini is the compact one.

In terms of size, the 13 pro max is the big dog. Right after that comes the 13 pro and then the 13. Without the size, they all share almost the same inner design. So we will consider the 13 pro max and explain its extra abilities. For that, we will compare it with the last years’ 12 pro max for your better understanding.

Improved Camera Features

The most noticeable improvement of the iPhone 13 lineup is in their camera department. It will come with the ability to take astrophotography. As people started loving astrophotography recently, Apple decided to include it in their new phones. We did not find any large difference in the camera hardware.

So maybe they will do it by optimization like the pixel cameras. Another key upgrade will be in low-light photography. iPhone 13 will take better photos in a dark environment. We know that the 12 pro max captures awesome photos in the nighttime. But the 13 pro max will easily beat it.

There is a little sensor upgrade in the telephoto camera. Last year’s f/2.2, 65mm sensor was shifted by the f/2.2, 65mm. That means this telephoto camera can zoom slightly better. The changes continue in the ultra-wide camera as well. The aperture f/2.4 is replaced by f/1.8.

That will give you better ultrawide photos. As macro cameras became famous nowadays, Apple enhanced the ability of the main camera to capture macro photos. Although there are no major hardware changes, the main camera is able to take better portraits than the iPhone 12 lineup.

Always-on Display

The newly published event invitation image first time revealed the rumor about the always-on display. Now it is an open secret that the iPhone 13 will come with the highly demanded always-on display. We know this technology is common in the android world. But this is going to be the first iPhone with this feature.

Pro Motion 120Hz Display

Here is another massive improvement of the iPhone 13. The 13 pro max carries a Liquid Retina XDR mini LED LCD. This is the best display technology. Apple claims that and honestly, it is. This is the first time they are coming with a 120HZ pro-motion display.

Believe it or not, with this display you are going to feel the butter-like smoothness in every single task. This constant refresh rate will amaze you in times of scrolling and heavy gaming.

New Powerful Chipset

We know every new iPhone lineup comes with a new chipset. This time you will experience the insanely powerful Hexa core Apple A15 bionic. It is based on the same 5mm fabrication technology. But it is more powerful and designed to consume less power.

The Antutu and Geekbench scores are not available because the phone is not released yet. As soon as it releases, you can find out the difference between the A14 and A15 chipsets.

Smaller Notch

After many controversies about the notch, finally Apple noticed it. This year they tried to make the notch smaller. You know that the iPhone notch can not be wiped out for some important sensors. So this small notch will not bother you much. It was one of the highly demanded wishes of iPhone lovers.

iOS 15

iPhone 13 will run on iOS 15. This new iOS will be released along with the new iPhone in the same event. You will find some major changes in the interface. You would love to see the new designs of some regular app.

  • The notification style is redesigned.
  • A new distraction reducing system called Focus
  • Included Spatial audio and SharePlay system in facetime.
  • Notes, Safari, Maps, and Weather with new design
  • New privacy features
  • In wallet ID card
  • In image text recognition

Improved Battery Size

The upgrade in the battery section is noticeable. iPhones had a bad reputation for battery life. Where other competitors provided larger batteries with faster-charging technology, Apple kept ignoring it. Now the iPhone 13 comes with an aggressive response.

If you compare the battery of the iPhone 12 pro max and 13 pro max, you will be amazed. The 13 pro max contains a 4352 mAh battery which is far better than the 3687 mAh battery of 12 pro max. It has a faster charging capacity that is 25 watts. You will get an astonishing result from it with the battery-efficient chipset.

Satellite Communication

Honestly, as far as we know it is a popular rumor. That’s why we included it. Although we cannot assure it, there are strong chances of the iPhone 13 carrying a satellite communication system. We have seen Lider technology in older iPhones. So it will not be a tough call for Apple.

If it has, then you can not just use this in any country. Most probably this service will be available for advanced purposes.


Currently, every tech lover is looking towards Apple’s massive event in September. The invitations have already been sent and the iPhone 13 is knocking at the doorstep. After all the rumors, you must be waiting for the final result. We have seen Apple rarely disappoint its customers.

This new upgrade is decent. We think it is enough to convince the iPhone users. The pricing is not revealed yet. But some leaks claim that the expected price of the iPhone 13 can be started from 799$. If you want to switch to a new iPhone, then this is a perfect time.

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