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How Will Technology Change Our Lives in The Future?

How will technology change our lives in the future? Well, imagine just 20 years ago, everything was totally different. 80’s people never thought that there would be a smartphone in everyone’s pocket. They did not believe that people can communicate from miles away and they can actually talk to each other. Now it is really happening.

Dreaming of revolutionary changes in today’s world is not surprising for us. We have seen that whenever our species faces any problem, genius people come up with innovative ideas. And these innovative ideas bring revolutionary technology.

There is no doubt that technology is changing our lives every moment and will do so in the future. We will be able to see unimaginable things and do our kind of stuff more easily. Obviously, technology is making our world new, comfortable and survivable.

How Will Technology Change Our Lives in The Future?

Smart Devices

The devices we use today made an absolute revolution in our world. Our smartphones, computers, smartwatches are becoming faster every day. Every year we see newly updated chipsets which are sometimes 2X faster than the previous version.

For example, think about the Snapdragon 835 and 845; which were absolutely flagship processors a few years ago. And now we have the Snapdragon 888 which is way faster than those and provides many kinds of newest features. Almost the same kind of update you can see in iPhones and other devices.

Foldable or Flexible Display

Nowadays many companies are promising foldable Oled displays. Right now for durability issues, people are not moving toward them but in the future, this technology must spread worldwide.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI technologies can bring visionary changes to our smart devices. Now we are already using Google assistant, Siri, Amazon Echo(Alexa). We know this kind of AI can make tasks easier. So the famous SciFi movie Ironman’s AI assistant JARVIS and FRIDAY are not just a dream now. This may come true in the near future.

Holographic Device

We know every working device is not successful in its first attempt. After so many failures a successful project comes to life. Thinking of Holographic devices may not make sense but people are actually working on it.

Hydrogen One made by RED is the world’s first Holographic device which is an absolute failure but a real attempt. Who knows what’s coming next but this kind of exciting technology must change our lifestyle in the future?

3D Printer

Actual 3D printers already exist but those still have so many limitations. It is hard to get one because it is expensive. Innovative minds around the world are also thinking about Holographic printers. If this kind of device becomes available then it must change our lives in the future.

Space Technology

In this century, so many people are curious about Space. The human race is the only species that thinks about the outer world. Even though the farthest human has ever been is on the Moon surface. But now when we are looking for a new and loveable planet the first name that comes to mind is Mars.

The Earthlike landscape of Mars caught every scientist’s attention. When it comes to changing the future our technology must make space-traveling affordable. In this case, some of the most innovative minds came forward to help.

Space traveling

Leaving Earth’s gravitational force is not easy. It costs too much fuel for a Spacecraft to just reach the outer atmosphere of the earth. Since we do not have any fuel supply out in Space, Our rockets face problems when they need to reach so far.

We already sent too many robotic probes to our neighborhood planets. Curiosity, Perseverance, Mangalyaan, and many more explored Mars. Cassini explored Saturn, Juno on Jupiter, and many other spacecrafts that are still doing their jobs. Scientists are researching the possible propulsion system which costs low fuel.

NASA is also researching laser propulsion probes to reach out of our Solar system. SpaceX is one of the most successful organizations that promise low-cost Space travel. The founder of the company Elon Musk who is also CEO of Tesla Motors has a revolutionary plan.

Their Falcon Rocket already successfully landed on Earth after traveling from Space. We expect this technology will take the Human raceway far in the near future.

Colonization on Space

Living in Space is a fantasy today. But SpaceX made so many controversies after announcing that they’ll colonize Mars before 2050. Starship is a dream vehicle of SpaceX that can carry almost 100 people to Mars. After some failed tests Starship is improving day by day.

Have you ever heard about Titan and Enceladus? They are natural satellites of Saturn. Scientists also assume there can be liquid water. If Space traveling becomes affordable then we can easily get there and discover if all these fascinations are true or not.

James Webb Space Telescope

When you see farther you can gather better information. For seeing farthest objects in Space NASA developed the James Webb Space Telescope. This one is the successor of the Hubble Space Telescope. With a larger mirror and updated configurations, This telescope is able to see the oldest Stars and Galaxies.

It was announced to launch in 2019. But delayed for some technical reasons. NASA announced another launch probability in 2021. This is a technology that must change our view of seeing Space in the future.


Have you seen the Terminator movies? Yes, I am talking about the superb intelligent robots taking our world, Fighting against humans. But that’s all just a fantasy movie. In reality, we are also surrounded by machines.

Experts are building advanced robots. Some of them can talk, walk, and do household work like vacuum cleaning or serving drinks. We are using machines for different purposes. In the future, we’ll see advanced Robots capable of doing our regular kinds of stuff and making our life easier.

Self-driven vehicles

A car without any driver seems dangerous. Using improved sensors some of the motor industries introduced Self Driven cars. When it comes to revolutionary Technology Tesla always comes ahead.

Tesla Model S is a car that can drive automatically on the highway. But in heavy traffic, it suffers. Developers are working hard on it. We are so close to seeing this kind of car ruling our roads.

Solar Technology

Life without power is unimaginable. Earth will face a power shortage in the future. And here Solar energy comes to fulfill our requirements. We already use solar for different limited purposes. But think of a car working on Solar power.

Experts are really working on this kind of car. In the future solar energy can be our main resource of power supply and this is how technology can change our lives in the future.


Everyone loves portable and handy things. Most of the electronics are getting smaller but better in the present world. But NanoTechnology is a little different. Suppose a microchip in your body makes changes in your decision.

The chip indicates your health status and lets you know your sugar level, calcium level, which of the vitamins you should take, and detect any kind of fault in your body. This kind of technology will be real at any time.

Mother Earth has been taking care of us since the beginning and day by day our destructive nature wipes out all her resources. We have already seen that technological changes come like blessings for us. But everyone knows that upgrowing technology has a negative impact on the environment also.

As we are the one species that control this planet, We really need to think about alternate options for surviving in the future. Now it’s the perfect time to make our decision. When it comes to finding options we must think about how  will technology change our lives in the future.

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