Top 12 Free Android Emulators For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC & Mac 2021

Top 12 Free Android Emulators For Windows 10

Do you want to feel an Android-like interface on your PC? If you are familiar with android apps, you may love to see them on your PC, and an Android Emulator helps right there! There could be many reasons that people need to use Android Emulators.

Android Emulators are fun. It lets you play Android mobile games on your computer. It also helps to download and install other useful Android apps easily. You will find a lot of Android Emulator apps on the Internet.

In case you want to run Android Emulator on your Windows 10 PC, you should know which are the best emulators available and they must fulfill your requirements. So, Today you will know about some of the best Android Emulators for Windows 10.

Best Android Emulators support on Windows 10


There are many reasons that we put Blue stacks top on our list. A large group of people use emulators for gaming purposes. If you are a gamer and want to play your favorite android games on PC then you should try Bluestacks.

It is free and full of features for gamers. You can customize the controls, map keys for different purposes, It also includes the eco mode. BlueStacks runs on Android 7. Bluestacks requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM to run properly.

This one is lite so it consumes less data and memory. Most importantly it’s the safest emulator out there. That’s why Bluestacks is trusted by more than 500M users worldwide.

Download link BlueStacks


ARChon is a little hard to install. It works as an extension in chrome. There are so many steps to make it run. But when it works, It’s fine and you can use it almost like every other emulator. It makes chrome able to run android applications.

If you want to avoid the hard installation part then you can switch to others in our list.

Download link ArChon


LD player

LD player is another suggestable android emulator. It runs on Android 7 and is best for gaming-focused users. LD is one of the best apps which gives access to the up-to-date apps in the play store. It is also packed with all-important gaming features like Bluestacks.

LD player is also lite and reliable. The keyboard mapping system is included. This emulator provides graphical support. It supports high graphics games like PUBG mobile, Mobile Legends, Freefire, and more others.

These types of heavy games can be played in higher FPS. A minimum of 2GB RAM is needed to use the LD player.

Download link LD Player

Android Studio Emulator

Android Studio is a fully packed Android development console. Though it doesn’t have any built-in app store, It is mainly for android application developers. It has an excellent collection of tools for building and developing android apps.

It also has a built-in emulator for testing your apps and games. Android Studio is actually a very heavy and resourceful application. You may face some trouble during setup. But a large number of people use the android studio as a trustworthy developing tool.

Download link Android Studio Emulator


Memu is based on Android 5 to 7.  In our android emulators for windows 10 list, It is another one mainly created for the gamers. Yes, This one supports Windows XP also. It is well organized and loaded with essential gaming tools like key mapping.

Memu works on Nvidia, Intel, and AMD platforms. This Emulator is more like Bluestacks. But You may face some low graphics-related problems which would not be a major issue. It can be used in every PC which has more than 2gigs of RAM.

Download link Memu

Nox Player

Nox player makes rooting your virtual device very easy. It completes rooting in under one minute. It is best for playing heavy games like PUBG, Mobile Legends. It is also loaded with all those necessary gaming tools.

But it puts so much load on your computer. That’s the only bad side of the Nox player. It is based on android 5 and can support up to android 7. If you have a PC with more than 2 gigs of RAM, it will work fine.

Download link Nox Player


Introducing another gaming Android Emulator which is GameLoop. It runs on Android 7 and a minimum of 3GB RAM is required to run flawlessly. You can download hundreds of your favorite games and apps from it. GameLoop is free and one of the best Emulators which supports windows 7 to 10.

Download link GameLoop

Prime OS

PrimeOS is the best one on our list. Its characteristics are less Emulator and more OS-like. It is a bootable OS and totally free. If gaming on Emulator is your main focus, Then you must go for Prime OS.

When you install it, The software directly accesses the hardware and boosts the performance of gaming. Prime OS works as a separate operating system that runs on Android 7. It is also rich with its own gaming center. It requires more than 2 gigs of RAM to work.

Download link Prime OS


People use Android Emulators for different reasons. Now if you are an android app developer and you need to test your Applications if they properly work or not, then Genymotion is another perfect Emulator you should try. It can be used while offline.  The application uses cloud Storage through a web browser. This app is super flexible.

Well, You cannot download games like PUBG, Free Fire, etc. But you can use it along with Android Studio. This Emulator is able to test your app in different Android versions starting from android 4 to the latest android 11.

It is also capable of testing apps on different virtual devices. At least 4 gigs of RAM is required to run this application. Genymotion is free for personal use. In terms of commercial use, you have to pay a certain amount monthly or yearly.

Download link GenyMotion


Andy is a full android Emulator which emulates on android 7.1. It works on almost every operating system. You can install and run games and other apps normally from Google Play Store. The disadvantage is that Andy cannot install APK files.

With a huge setup file, The interface is too easy to use. In this app, you can also install Widgets just like a real android device. Isn’t it fun?

Download link Andy

Remix OS

This one is really awesome. It creates an Android environment on your computer. If you think it’s a little bit heavy then wait because I have another idea. You can install the RemixOS player which is a lite version and almost fully functional.

You can make Shortcuts for different types of applications. Again it cannot install APK files and that’s not a huge issue. Some techs are built for different purposes.

Download link Remix OS

ARC Welder

Arcwelder may not be the best I should recommend but when it works it’s just fine and easier to use than some other apps. You have to install it in your web browser and it will allow you to open android applications. However, the installation process is easy. The good part is Arcwelder lets you install APK files.

Download link ARC Welder

Well, some people think that Android Emulators are harmful to computers. Technically, it’s not true. If your computer is powerful and capable of running an Emulator, You will not face any issues. In case you are worried about safety and security, In my opinion, you should go for the most downloaded one.

The above-included Emulators are good enough to provide a good Android experience on your Computer. All of them are the best at their job. I hope now you may find the best Android Emulator for Windows 10 which can accelerate your work.



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